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Advertise On My Blog

*All ads must be paid via Paypal in advance.
*I will accept most any advertisement as long as it does not go against my own convictions and is family friendly. 
* I reserve the right to refuse advertisement on my blog based on my own convictions. I will not accept any kind of erotica websites.
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$25 per month: One Simple link to your company web site on my sidebar
$35 per month: Your company logo with one link on my sidebar.
$45 per month: Your company logo with two links on my sidebar.
$55 per month: Customized small banner with simple background, your company logo, and two links

Buy two months get one free (simple link only excluded).

For additional Advertising & Promotional Services contact me at the email above and we can discuss your needs.

~M. M. aka Naila Moon

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