Monday, December 29, 2014

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Goodbye 2014

Here we are, the last Monday of 2014. Wow, did time fly!
We have one last Monday of this year to rock on with the musical gals from Monday's Music. You know them...Xmas Dolly, the head conductor, along with, Cathy, Colette, Becca, and Stacy.

Put on your dancing shoes and let's rock on out of here and right on into a new year!

First up:
Last week, the day after Christmas, was Kwanzaa and Boxing Day. I want to first pay tribute to those celebrations.

I have played this song before but I love it and is worth the re-hear. Happy Kwanzaa to those who are still celebrating.

Soooo...please forgive me my Canadian friends but this is the one song (there are very little) I could find that didn't suck!

Moving on:
Let's kick this shin-dig up another notch as we head on into the new year. Let's dance!

Finally rounding it up with another kicking song:


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reflections...Let It Go!

I have been in a very reflective mode this afternoon and evening. Maybe it is because it is almost the end of the year or possibly because there is a new year around the corner. Thinking about that statement, is there a difference?

Anyhow, reflective mood...

Sometimes in life you have to just let things go.

Maybe it is because they do not serve a purpose any longer. Maybe it is because the relationship you had is now different.  Maybe it is just because you need a change. Maybe it is best for you. Maybe it is best for someone else. In any case, it is time to let it go.

I have let things go throughout my life. Sometimes, not because I wanted to but out of circumstance. Usually letting go meant room for other things but not always easy.

This afternoon, was one of those times. I deleted three of my blogs. At first, it seemed difficult. I am a blogger, it is what I do. It seemed hard to let my words, my photos, my thoughts go, and it was.

One blog I had started as something funny my Dad said to me. Yet, I abandoned the blog not long after he passed away in 2011. It was hard to let it go because by doing so, maybe I was letting my Dad go. However, I realized that he is still with me and having this blog was not going to change that. went.

Another blog was my photography blog. I started it so I would have all my photos in one place. This made sense and in some ways, still does. Yet, someone had hacked my blog and used photos of me (in not a nice way) without my permission.  I have yet to fix that!
I had also decided to close that blog in 2013 because...well, I don't really know now... but the blog could go because I can make a page here on this blog for my photography. I saved all the photos from there on my computer. went.

Yet another blog was my weight loss/health journey. I had not entirely abandoned that one but at times leave it for weeks or months on end. I still think it is important for me to chronologically write about my journey in this area of my life. However, this particular blog had gone under many manifestations because I was not sure where to take it. Also, I talked a lot about the show Biggest Loser instead of talking about my own struggles. In truth, it seemed like one big mess of a blog. I plan to return to something but still thinking on this one. went.

Maybe more things will go before 2015 arrives. Maybe it is time for changes. I think it is.
~Naila Moon

Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday's Music Moves Me...late, late, I'm really late! #Christmas #ChristmasSpirit #Music #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Oh, there is nothing like being late to an event. Right?
Is Monday's Music really an event? You darn betcha! Every week those ladies over at Xmas Dolly's place, put the dancing shoes on and get us groovin' and movin'.

Thank you Marie, Stacy, Cathy, Becca, and all are the best. Merry Christmas to you!

So, since I am in a hurry here, I will make this post as quick as possible. Let's go!

First up:


Moving on to this one:

Finally this one:


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Saturday, December 20, 2014

#Review: Universal Fit Tablet/eReader Cases #shopletreviews

I do not know what the percentage of us that has some form of technology but I am sure it is fairly high. I would almost bet that many of us even have one form, think iPads, Kindles, and Nooks. I know I fall into this category because I have a phone and a Kindle.

The one thing I definitely want to do is protect my techno stuff! So, it is great that I received a couple of products from Solo. I received two Solo Universal Fit cases in two different sizes. 

Check these out. Let me tell you about the smaller one first.

This case is perfect for my Kindle but it helps protect many brands that are out there. It can hold from 5-8.5 inch tablets and can swivel for portrait or landscape viewing. I like the way it feels too. The color is perfect for me as well. Those straps are like little tension rods that expand for the difference in sizes but they also are strong and hold my Kindle in place. That is very nice.

I do not have an iPad or similar kind of thing but this larger one is perfect for those. It has the same kinds of things as the smaller one but holds bigger items. This will hold 8.5 -11 inch tablets and ereaders. It too adjust for multiple kinds of viewing.

Both tablet holders have this great strap too. It is magnetic and makes sure that my booklet stays closed when not in use. I like that because again, I will have the added. protection I need.

Overall, two great items from Solo and I think a winner!

Disclosure: I received these two products from for my open and honest opinion. The reviews expressed here are 100 % my own and may differ from yours.
~Naila Moon

Thursday, December 18, 2014

#Review: Birthday In A Box-Tomas Party Kit

My Grandson just celebrated his 2nd birthday this December. As any toddler would be, he was thrilled with the candles, presents, and attention. His Mom and Dad got him things 'that go', think trucks, cars, trains, because his room is full of those things and he likes them a ton.

Apparently one of the things my Grandson absolutely loves right now is anything Tomas the Tank. That made his Grandma or Nanee as he calls me, one happy camper.

You see, Birthday In A Box  had just sent me a pinata and of course it was Tomas the Tank. What a great idea for boy parties or girl parties too! Don't you think?

What I wanted to do is give him the pinata for his birthday so that candy or small toys could be filled in it and given away as treats for the party goers. That would have been so easy to do as there is a built in hole in the back to easily fill.

However, I did not get it in time for his birthday. No matter though, his Mom has other ideas just to hang it in his room for him to enjoy. The nice thing about that is she can do that easily too as it came with a sturdy plastic hanger built right in. I am sure that it is meant to it can be put high in a tree or a long pole, but we are improvising here.

My Grandson is going to also love the strings that hang off of Tomas. Any Tomas the Tank fan knows this is not part of Tomas but I know he will love batting at the strings for awhile before he pulls them completely off.

I do recommend that you remove the strings all together if you are going to let a young toddler just play with this. It could potentially be a choking hazard if they stuffed the strings in their mouth. We certainly would not want that!

I just know my Grandson is going to love this as much as I do. It is well made and I think a good item to include for all your kid's 'on the go' celebrations. Even though he did not get it for his birthday, Christmas is coming and that will be good enough for him!

  • Size: 19" L x 8" W x 10"H;
  • Includes 12 pull-strings
  • Matching, colors, number, and face

Disclosure: I received this product from Birthday In A Box for my open and honest review. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mondays Music Moves Me...Holidays Just Got Better! #Hanukkah #Christmas #ChristmasSpirit #MondaysMusicMovesMe #BeTheMatch

Hello one and all! It is Monday and that means a new week and more music to be had. If you read my Sunday blog you found out that this week is all about "JOY". It is always with a joyful heart to join the ladies at the 4M's, hosted by Xmas Dolly and her co-host, Cathy, Stacy, Becca, and Colette.

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STACY (who had a b-day last week) AND TO CATHY (her b-day was yesterday)!

I am continuing on with my month long holiday music. This Tuesday my Jewish friends begin the celebration of Hanukkah so my first couple of songs are to be in unison with them as they celebrate!

First up:
I discovered this flash mob/ orchestra. This took place in Chicago. The mash-up of songs is great and to me gives the spirit of the eight days.

Next up:
I love the Maccabeats. This was a new song for Haukkah in 2013. Note the not-so-underlying theme.

The Maccabeats supported an 8 days match donation in 2013, which they encouraged people to not only donate money, but to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. I am in full support of this effort no matter what time of year. My nephew has leukemia as well as my ex-husband. If it had not have been for a donor, my nephew would not be alive today and in remission. Please sign up to be a donor or at very least, donate for the cause. Thank you! You could #BeTheMatch!

Back to your regular scheduled program...

Moving on:
Next up this song speak nothing but joy. *grins*

And finally...
A friend of mine posted this song on Facebook. It was done to celebrate Christmas but it was also done to break a world record. 1000+ people came together to sing and perform this beautiful piece.
I am including it in my post today because it also speaks of great joy.

~Tis the season...Naila Moon

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Sayings: 3rd Sunday of Advent... Joy #Christmas #music #Joy #Advent #Christmas Spirit

Here we are into the 3rd Sunday of Advent and the word for the day is 'JOY". Today is also what they call Gaudet Sunday. This means that there is only one more week before the baby Jesus is born and it is time to rejoice!

The question is, are we ready to rejoice? Are we bringing joy into our lives or are we mumbling and grumbling about world events?

In truth, it is all about what we choose for ourselves. I could complain because it is snowing today or, I could be joyful that the Earth is being watered and is decorated beautifully for the coming season.
It is all perspective and again, what we choose.

Here is one other thing to ponder. Do not let anyone steal your joy. Others try to do it all the time and often succeed. Why? Because we let them! If you are happy about what you are doing at this very moment, the rejoice!

Have a great week this week and find your joy.

~Tis the season...Naila Moon

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

#ChristmasSpirit ...Wreath Making

When my Mom was here over Thanksgiving, we went thrift store shopping. Now if you know me at all, I love a good thrift store. I usually am looking for something to be creative with or books. As it turns out (and usually does) I found both.

I found the following:
*some embroidery hoops
*green garland
*pinkish wood bells with red ribbons

I put together a extremely short video of what I did with them. Enjoy and happy Friday. (link up)

~Tis the season...Naila Moon

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advent Revlog...The Santa Keys #Santa #Christmas #Advent

When I posted Wordless(ish) Wednesday yesterday, I forgot to post my Advent re-vlog memories. SO what better time than right now!

This one is a story I told about my son when he was real little. For the record, my son is now 25 and has a child of his own who is full of wonderment. Hope you enjoy!

~Tis the season...Naila Moon

Wordless(ish) Wednesday...Fashion Statements Or Just Plain Ugly! #Christmas #WordlessWednesday

Every once in awhile I take off for a day out with my friend Storme. I have spoken about her before. We don't go out too often, maybe once a month, but when we do e have fun! A week ago was such an outing.

We decided to go to Target, which we actually never go to. While there I was talking to her about how people wear those ugly sweaters and how they have become so popular, even having parties.

Well, guess what we found. Fashionable, right? Which is your favorite? Tell me in comments.

~Tis the season...Naila Moon

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Music with some Peace...2nd Week of #Advent #MondaysMusicMovesMe #Christmas

 It's Monday again and that means music. The gals over at Xmas Dolly's place, Colette, Stacy, Cathy, and Becca, have hit the dance floor and I am joining once again too. This week Frosty is taking over the Spotlight and heading downtown with kids dancing in tow.

This week is a 'freebie' week but I am planning to stick with my holiday extravaganza so watch out for snowballs, here I come!

This is the second week of Advent and the theme is "Peace". Let's see what I can do with that.

First up: Norah Jones' voice is so smooth. She knows how to sing that jazzy blues well. This video is for listening so just close your eyes and breathe it in.

Next up: This duo seems like the most unlikely mash-up but getting together to sing the dual song was just perfect. I give you Bing Crosby and David Bowe.

Next: I have never heard this singer before but her song is lovely.

Finally: This group sings a twist on a traditional song. The song begins at around 2:09 but if you listen to what he says you will find out where the song came from. This is an awesome Casting Crows song.

~Tis the season...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Sayings: Second Sunday of Advent...Peace #Christmas #music #peace #Advent

This 2nd Sunday of Advent is a tough one this year. It shouldn't be, but it is. Our country is in such turmoil it seems. Peace does not even seem  to be something we are thinking about. However, shouldn't we be? I am looking for the peace makers, but as I have written before, I suppose that begins with me. Think about it. Do it. Live it.

'Tis the season...Naila Moon

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wordless(ish) Wednesday and Advent Revlog....12/3/14 #WordlessWednesday #Christmas

I thought on Wednesdays for the month of December and since I have your attention...uh hmm...I would not only share my Wordless Wednesday photos but I would share a past video I did during the month. Please make sure to link up:

I do hope you come back often and if you would like to subscribe to my YouTube, I would appreciate that very much. Here I am making an advent calendar of sorts.

This weeks photo I took last week when my Mother was here. We went to an annual German Christmas market in downtown Denver. There they were selling one of her favorite things, mulled wine (hot wine). Although I cannot drink alcohol (due to meds...sigh) I took a sip, boy was it good!

Monday, December 1, 2014

#MondayMusicMovesMe...Holiday Music All Month Long 12/1/14

It seem like it took forever this last few week for December to finally get her and yet, the months also just flew by. Here we are only one day past the first week of Advent and our minds are filled with everything least for me it is. The first week is all about hope.

Of course the musical crew over at Xmas Dolly's place is right on cue with launching the month long holiday musical extravaganza. You know those elves, Cathy, Callie, Becca, Stacy and head elf queen, Xmas Dolly, Let's go!

Since we are in the first week of advent, I thought I would share a song my Mom reminded me about.
It is all about preparation for the coming of a baby but not just any baby but...well, you know!
Even though this baby is grown in the video, the message is still the same...we have hope, so be prepared!

Moving on with my theme of hope...

Finally, let me go with this hope...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Sayings...Goodbye and Hello 12/30/14

"Every December, I host a tree-trimming party. I serve chili with cornbread and lots of good wine. It's a wonderful party, and it shows how much adults like to play." ~Maya Angelou

November was a tough month for so many people this year. There has been so much unrest that I was not even sure moving in to the month of December would even be joyous. My hope is that we can
put our differences aside and trim the tree together. Let's play as we did when we were kids. Shall we?
~Naila Moon

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#Giveaway: Carole P. Roman #Kindle Fire ends 12/13/14

Carole P. Roman is one of my favorite children's authors. Her books are engaging as well as informative. I am excited to bring you this giveaway.

Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2012 for her first book, award winning author Carole P. Roman started writing as a dare from one of her sons. Using an imaginary game she played with her grandson as a base, Captain No Beard was born."Captain No Beard- An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life" has not only been named to Kirkus Best of 2012, it received the Star of Remarkable Merit, and won the Pinnacle Award for 2012. "Pepper Parrot's Problem with Patience" Book 2 in the series, received 5 Stars from The ForeWord Review The Clarion Review. Strangers on the High Seas has won second place in the Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards 2013. It has followed with six more books to the series.
Motivated by her love of yoga, Roman has written a book that not only teaches four poses, but shows how easy and accessible yoga can be. 

Her non-fiction series, "If You Were Me and Lived in..." combines her teaching past with her love of exploration and interest in the world around us. The debut book in the series, "If You Were Me and Lived in...Mexico" has won the Pinnacle Award for Best in Children's Non Fiction 2012. France, South Korea, and Norway. Rebecca's Reads has given If You Were Me and Lived in...Norway an honorable mention in the 2013 Choice Awards. If You Were Me and lived in ...France won second place. ForeWord Review has nominated If You Were Me and Lived in...France for best in children's non fiction literature 2013. 

Writing for children has opened up a whole second act for her. While she is still working in her family business, this has enabled her to share her sense of humor as well as love for history and culture with the audience she adores. Roman lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children.


Just in time for the beginning of the holiday seasons, Carole P. Roman is generously giving away two wonderful prizes for her readers. Grand prize is an Kindle Fire with a second prize to another winner of $100 Paypal.  

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