Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Music with some Peace...2nd Week of #Advent #MondaysMusicMovesMe #Christmas

 It's Monday again and that means music. The gals over at Xmas Dolly's place, Colette, Stacy, Cathy, and Becca, have hit the dance floor and I am joining once again too. This week Frosty is taking over the Spotlight and heading downtown with kids dancing in tow.

This week is a 'freebie' week but I am planning to stick with my holiday extravaganza so watch out for snowballs, here I come!

This is the second week of Advent and the theme is "Peace". Let's see what I can do with that.

First up: Norah Jones' voice is so smooth. She knows how to sing that jazzy blues well. This video is for listening so just close your eyes and breathe it in.

Next up: This duo seems like the most unlikely mash-up but getting together to sing the dual song was just perfect. I give you Bing Crosby and David Bowe.

Next: I have never heard this singer before but her song is lovely.

Finally: This group sings a twist on a traditional song. The song begins at around 2:09 but if you listen to what he says you will find out where the song came from. This is an awesome Casting Crows song.

~Tis the season...


  1. Great music selections, but Casting Crown I just love! In fact, I shared this song recently on my FB page. Isn't it just beautiful? I hope you're enjoying a peaceful Christmas! Thanks for boogieing with the 4M crew, Michelle! Have yourself a very, very Merry little Christmas!

  2. You have one of my favorites-Bing and David. I listen to that even in the summer. Love it. Thanks for making my day.

  3. Nice selection Naila that Bowie and Crosby one is a classic they show that Big Crosby show every year on one of our satellite channels.

    Have a xmastastic week :-)

  4. David Bowie & Bing is a classic and will always live on. I never heard the last one either. I've been watching nothing, but the Hallmark channel ever since you told me about it. ~hehehe~ Thanks for joining us once again my friend and Merry Christmas.

  5. Can't go wrong with the classics. Loved them all. Thanks for the virtual dance and I hope you have a great week!

  6. Fab choices, Naila! TY for sharing -
    Casting Crowns really makes this one divine for me -
    Great duo discussion seguey - having 2 'drummerboys' myself, always a fav!

    Peace to you...

  7. We are doing the Advent study also!
    And I love Casting Crowns!
    Very nice selections!

  8. Great Christmas songs. David Bowie looks so young.

  9. OH! I gotta add some Norah Jones to my Christmas playlist. her voice is amazing.
    Bing and David are already there because that is classic song. love.

  10. i have never seen that clip of Bing and David so good. They are brilliant together.


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