Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reflections...Let It Go!

I have been in a very reflective mode this afternoon and evening. Maybe it is because it is almost the end of the year or possibly because there is a new year around the corner. Thinking about that statement, is there a difference?

Anyhow, reflective mood...

Sometimes in life you have to just let things go.

Maybe it is because they do not serve a purpose any longer. Maybe it is because the relationship you had is now different.  Maybe it is just because you need a change. Maybe it is best for you. Maybe it is best for someone else. In any case, it is time to let it go.

I have let things go throughout my life. Sometimes, not because I wanted to but out of circumstance. Usually letting go meant room for other things but not always easy.

This afternoon, was one of those times. I deleted three of my blogs. At first, it seemed difficult. I am a blogger, it is what I do. It seemed hard to let my words, my photos, my thoughts go, and it was.

One blog I had started as something funny my Dad said to me. Yet, I abandoned the blog not long after he passed away in 2011. It was hard to let it go because by doing so, maybe I was letting my Dad go. However, I realized that he is still with me and having this blog was not going to change that. went.

Another blog was my photography blog. I started it so I would have all my photos in one place. This made sense and in some ways, still does. Yet, someone had hacked my blog and used photos of me (in not a nice way) without my permission.  I have yet to fix that!
I had also decided to close that blog in 2013 because...well, I don't really know now... but the blog could go because I can make a page here on this blog for my photography. I saved all the photos from there on my computer. went.

Yet another blog was my weight loss/health journey. I had not entirely abandoned that one but at times leave it for weeks or months on end. I still think it is important for me to chronologically write about my journey in this area of my life. However, this particular blog had gone under many manifestations because I was not sure where to take it. Also, I talked a lot about the show Biggest Loser instead of talking about my own struggles. In truth, it seemed like one big mess of a blog. I plan to return to something but still thinking on this one. went.

Maybe more things will go before 2015 arrives. Maybe it is time for changes. I think it is.
~Naila Moon

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