Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zeal/zest/Zippidy-do-dah/ ZZ Top #atozchallenge

There is something euphoric about ending the A-Z challenge. It is the end of the month and I yell ZIPPITY-DO-DAH as that means the letter "Z" has arrived with zeal.

I pushed myself this month with zest  by doing two blogs at the same time. I have finished this one and just fell short by two books with the other.  It was an undertaking that was incredibly insane but I must say, I am proud of what I accomplished.

I congratulate all that have made it to "z" end!  Make sure to come back in the net day or so and see my final thoughts about the A-Z.

Now, for the last of my posting of music...that is until Monday...I offer the original one and only ZZ Top!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for You/YouTube/Yo Gabba Gabba #atozchallenge

You know, sometimes you just have to break out and have a little fun and be a kid. Case in point yesterday when I was given pigtails to wear like my Granddaughter. She thought it was fun and funny.  Of course it is, and the best as well to let out my inner child.

Lately, my Granddaughter has been asking me to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on  Amazon. It is fine with me but seriously, I have no clue what the show is. She likes it though and it is kid friendly so I am good to go.

So, I thought today, I would share the special music of Yo Gabba Gabba that I found on YouTube. Bring out your inner child and dance! ~Naila Moon

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X is for...xylophones/x-rays/XTC (and more) #atozchallenge

Have you ever played Scrabble? I like the game but there are some letters that just flummox me. Pretty much like today's post for the letter X.

I mean, I can think of words like xylophone and possibly talk about that. You know when you step on the toy version or how my kid played it in band. Ok, actually neither one did.

Or, I guess I could talk about x-rays and how I have had an insane amount of them or why my Mom gave me an x-ray of my knee once.  To this day I am not sure why she kept that.

Anyway, boring topics, right?

So, I decided just for this post, I would attempt to find an "X" word that might actually be exciting. I found a few or so but just decided that if you really wanted to know, you would look up the definitions yourself as I have to have time to go on treasure hunts. You know to find the treasure from the map that says X-marks the spot!

See you next time!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Show Off Tuesday! #Giveaways & #Reviews! #linkup

Hey everybody! Do you have giveaways or reviews that you are wanting to get out for the masses to see? Well, then this is the place for you. Xmas Dolly and myself host each week this wonderful and large linkup to show off all those reviews and giveaways. Link up below! Please give us a comment if you dare...we like them you know...and hop about to see others. Ready, set, go! Show off!~Naila Moon

#Review: Zotoon Pure Silk Sleep Mask #sleepmask

My husband and I both use sleep masks when we sleep. He always does and I do on occasion. Sleeping with one really does help get a better nights sleep to feel refreshed in the morning.

Recently, I got the Zotoon Pure Silk Sleep Mask to try out. The company says that the mask is made with 100% silk and I believe it! I tried it on and the mask felt very silky against my skin.  The light was also blocked out for the most part with the exception of just a sliver of light peering right at my nose. This is ok for me.

My husband quickly acquired the mask from me and said when he wore it, he liked it but it felt a little tight on his face but that was no big deal for him as he tends to like them that way anyway. For me, I like the mask not to be too tight. Solution to that was to simply adjust the buckle in the back.

The mask does come in three colors: red, blue, and black. I think if I order this again I will get the red one. If nothing else, to distinguish it from this one my husband took! *chuckles*
All in all, great sleep mask.

Disclosure: I purchased this sleep mask with a coupon code off from the company for the purposed of review. The views expressed here are 100% my own or that of my household. ~Naila Moon

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me...V & W are for... #atozchallenge, #MondaysMusicMovesMe

It is the last week in April and the A-Z Challenge is winding down. If you are here for music, you have come to the right place. If you are here for the A-Z challenge, you are also in the right place.

Now, a quick confession. Somehow I completely lost  day. For some reason I thought Monday's letter was going to be V. Where did I go wrong? Did I have a voluminous hole in my head? Did vultures pick my brains out for food? This I am not sure. In any case, I made a vicious mistakes in the "V" department.

However, it is only 10:50 PM as I write this really weird volume of a blog and as technically the letter "W" is not in play until 12 AM. So, let us just call me good. Ok?


So, on to the fabulous music picks I have for you this week. Of course since it is Monday's Music Moves Me (uh hmm) that means all my music today will be either by musicians or songs with the letter "W".

Today also have a theme which is: "Music that picks you up when you're feeling down"!

First up: Wham!

Next up: White Stripes

Finally: Wings

Make sure to link up and have some musical fun!

U is for Ugh/Under/Unicorn/Usher #atozchallenge

Have you ever felt so tired or worn out that you just feel like...ugh! Yeah, that is me today. It is cooler today and rainy, which I really do love but I am really just wanting to get under some covers and veg out.

So, last weekend we went down to the landing in Branson and walked around. My grand-daughter came upon the fountain and of course wishes needed to be had. So, what does she wish for? She wished for a unicorn of course! Who knows maybe she will get a unicorn some day. Heck, I want one!

Music for today's letter is from Usher. I love his music and the way he moves. *chuckles*

Saturday, April 25, 2015

T is for Taking Time/ Tattoos/Tears for Fears #atozchallenge

I took a little time to get to the "T" post because my kids were going to go get tattoos. It might be a huge deal to you for people to get tattoos, for others maybe not so much.

I had never seen a tattoo done so this was kind of fun for me. I found out how they get designs like the one my daughter asked for. I found out how they actually do tattooing and even why they wipe off ink as they go.

I personally have no tattoos but my kids already have a couple. What made this trip special is my kids were getting matching sibling tattoos. They wanted to get fleur de lies which is my daughter's favorite symbol.

My son trying to convince me to get one

The guy that was doing my son's tat said he thought it was really cool that siblings wanted to get matching tattoos because usually siblings are fighting with each other.

My daughter with Scott.

What he did not know is that my kids have been each others best friend all their lives.
I am so glad to be their Mother.

I told the guy, Riggs, that owns the shop ( and just happens to be a former guitar player for Rob Zombie) and the other guy who did the tattoos for my kids that I was a blogger and would give them a shout out. So, if you are ever in Branson, MO and feel the need for a tattoo, check out Rigg's Monster Tattoo Shop on the 76 Country Blvd! Thanks guys, you did a great job!

Music for today: Tears For Fears

Friday, April 24, 2015

#Review: 100 USA Glowsticks #glowsticks

I don't know about you but I like the fun of having glow sticks Just turning off the lights and running around in the dark with those babies is just pure fun!
Recently, I got the opportunity to receive 100 of the bracelet glow sticks. These are made in the USA and come in a red, white, and blue container that boast that right on the front. I could not wait to get my hands on these and to share them with the grand-kids too.

These come with connectors so you can wear the glow sticks as bracelets or put more together to make necklaces. My grand-kids thought it was fun to toss them. See what I mean?

Of course making letters and numbers is fun too when you can make them in the night time and still see them glow! Cool! We are going to play night bowling by putting them in soda bottles too.
We have many more for some more Spring and Summer fun.  I cannot wait!

Disclosure: I received 100 glow sticks for my open and honest review. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

S is for Soul Mate/Silly/ Songs/ Sonny and Cher #atozchallenge

I have a soul mate is Tamirisc. He can be silly at times, but makes me laugh. He sometimes drives me up the wall but he almost always has my back. He supports me 100% in the things I do. For example, I am here in MO but he is still at home in CO.

I miss him when I am away but I also know he will be there when I get back. He loves me just the way I am and that makes such a world of difference. I am a lucky woman no doubt!

I love you Honey!

The music from the couple Sonny and Cher seems rather appropriate today! The song, "I Got You Babe" is no doubt a winner for this post. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Reason/Rembrandts #atozchallenge

Generally, I need no reason to do anything but just be me. I enjoy people as much as I enjoy solitude once in awhile. Still, when I am around people I want to make life pleasant. Why live anyway else?
So smile.

For music today: Rembrandts

Monday, April 20, 2015

Show Off Tuesday: #Giveaways and #Reviews #linkup

Hey everybody! Do you have giveaways or reviews that you are wanting to get out for the masses to see? Well, then this is the place for you. Xmas Dolly and myself host each week this wonderful and large linkup to show off all those reviews and giveaways. Link up below! Please give us a comment if you dare...we like them you know...and hop about to see others. Ready, set, go! Show off!~Naila Moon

Purex Crystal ScentSplash #Review and #Giveaway

Purex ScentSplash are the perfect pairing with your laundry soap and especially fabric softener.
I received a bottle of Purex Crystal ScentSPlash as a Purex Insider. 

As soon as I opened the bottle that fresh lavender permeated my nose and filled the room with a wonderful aroma. I knew right then, it was great stuff. The scent leaves the nice fresh scent of lavender on clothes which is quite wonderful. The great thing is the Purex Crystals come in other aromatic smells for anyone who loves fresh laundry. 

The liquid can be used directly in the washer or in the liquid washer trays and is safe for all fabrics. WIN!

Speaking of win, would you like to win a coupon to get a full bottle of the Purex Crystal ScentSplash for free? There will be two winners!
All you have to do is enter in the simple Rafflecopter below. Make note of the disclosure and good luck! ~Naila Moon

Disclosure: I received a bottle of this product for free and coupons for my readers for my open and honest opinion. The first entry in the Rafflecopter is mandtory and it is for you to enter your name and address if you win. This sole entry does not constitute a win for you. You must enter at least one other entry to qualify to win.

There will be two winners drawn at random by All entries will be verified. The giveaway is open to US residents only. The giveaway runs from 4/20/15 through 5/4/15 You must be 18+ to enter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Q is for Queen/ Quirky/Quarterflash/Quiet Riot #MondaysMusicMovesMe #atozcchallenge

Hey there! It is another Monday which of course means music hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Stacy, Callie and myself. We wish to rock out every week with you so join us, will you?

This week is a freebie week which is really great for me as I am still doing the A-Z blog challenge. I am combining the letter "Q" with this week's music.

Check out this quirky dancing.

Have you seen that Xmas Dolly has been doing this challenge too. Our former co-host, Cathy as well. I know a few of you are. Make sure to tell me in comments.

So, the music... First up: Let me start out with a band I have not heard in a long time: Quarterflash

Next up this is a group I am not sure that I have heard before: Quiet Riot

Finally, this is of course one of my favorite bands of all time: Queen

Rock on my friends!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Pink/Portian/Precious/Postings/Pink Floyd #atozchallenge

I am sliding in her just in time to post  for the letter "P". I am not particularly fond of posting so late but better late than not at all. 

Today I was out and about with my family which includes, of course, my precious grand-kids. They are fun to be around. Both of them got Build-A-Bear animals. One a brown bear and the other Hello Kitty.

The grand-daughter was decked out in her favorite color pink and received accessories of a pink bow and pink sunglasses. Even her Hello Kitty (named Portia) got a pink-ish outfit and slippers. I was not kidding when I say she was all in pink.

So music today of course has to be the pinkest of pinks today, Pink Floyd!