Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Grandkids! #atozchallenge

When I had kids I thought it was the best thing ever! Then I had grandkids and it was even better!
I do not get to see my grandkids very often so since I am staying with them awhile I am enjoying the heck out of them.

My granddaughter is 5 so, she never stops talking and every thing is an experience to be had and to be told to one said Grandma. She still tends to call me Great-Grandma but that is ok. Eventually, she is bound to get it, plus  I am great. LOL

My grandson is 2 and has a infectious laughter. He plays ok with my granddaughter but also has the "mine" syndrome. We are working through the no biting and no hitting stage. He is learning to use his words but it is tough being 2.  He also has a love of hats and this is of course shared by Nanee, which is what he calls me.

It is such a wonderful thing to be a grandma. I love them so much!

Now for music. George Gershwin was an unbelievable composure who had many broadway hits. One of my favorites pieces by him is I've Got Rhythm. Enjoy this compilation.

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