Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ATTENTION! A is for A Tip of My Hat and A-ha #AtoZChallenge

ATTENTION, ATTENTION! It is finally here, the A-Z challenge so many of us have waited an entire year for. 

A tip of my hat to Arlee who started this A-Z challenge a few years ago which has morphed into over 2000 people joining in. Here we are at the very beginning. So, settle in and enjoy the ride. Don't forget to go by my other blog too and see A-Z there as well.

I have seriously wracked my brain as to what to do here. I thought quotes, I thought just my thoughts, I thought music. I just want to be authentic in my writing. What it is ending up is a combination of all of it. In other words, I am winging it again. This should be interesting!

Now, to launch off some music, I am starting off with a whiz bang.

The band A-ha was formed in 1982 in Norway. The band members consisted of Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. The group had successful runs up and through the 2000's.

The song Take On Me was recorded in 1984 and became their only Billboard chart winner. MTV was going strong in the '80's and their cartoon drawn video gained lots of exposure. It was new and innovative.


  1. Whooo music. I'm all for this!
    I do love the beat and I have heard this somewhere!

  2. I wanna where do I sign up? Callie are you doing it too? Cool tune Naila girlfriend... love the video!!!

  3. Aaah, A-ha! Awesome "A" choice! :D You mentioned your "other blog", but what is it? If you meant to include an anchor link, then it's not there. Phew, I found ALL of your blogs when I clicked on your Google badge, so all is well with the world now. Have an alphabetastic day!

  4. Both an interesting and amusing post. Ahh... take me on. Nice choice for day A. I will be seeing your blog around all month, and look forward to the other posts.

    - Dawn Embers

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