Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Capricorns and Creedence Clearwater Revival #atozchallenge

As I was born Jan. 12th, I am a Capricorn. In truth, I never took much stock in the whole zodiac thing but in the same sense, alway thought them to be fun. 

I have always heard the same things as above about Capricorns and in many ways, they are true from the people I know who are of this sign. Case in point.

I am very optimistic generally but see the reality to most things. Sometimes, that really does suck. It really is hard to be optimistic and yet see things going downhill at the same time.

Sarcasm is my middle name. I often see things as funny even when others may not.

I am definitely someone you can lean on and I am sympathetic in most cases. However, eventually, I will tell you where the wind blows if it needs to be said. I guess that "insightful ideas" comes in to play here.

I will help you if I can or am capable but I will not let you run over me either. I may even help you repeatedly but eventually, I will have enough and then I am done. Some people have seen this as a weakness in me. No, in fact, I see what others are up to but choose to do or not do.

Oh one last thing...they say that Capricorns are very loyal to a few. That is absolutely without a doubt true, at least in my case. I have very few true friends, but the ones I do have, I will go to the ends of the Earth for them.
Music today is Creedence Clearwater Revival. The band was active from the late 60's to the early 70's with bandmates, John Forgery, Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook, and Doug Clifford.

The band came up with their name by fusing three key sources together: Tom Forgerty had a friend named Credence Newball, a TV commercial for Olympia beer also known as clear water beer, and finally, the idea that the four members had renewed a commitment to their band after two of the members had served military time.

The band played for Woodstock but refused to be in the movie about the event because they felt their performance was not as good as it should have been. For the record, they followed the Grateful Dead.


  1. This is really fun! I thought it might be, but it's a lot more fun then I thought. Credence Clearwater very cool you Capricorn you! :) HAPPY FRIDAY!

  2. Ah, Credence Clearwater Revival.. Nice choice. I had fun at times looking up zodiac things as well but never took much stock in the matter. Though I'm a virgo. However, it's kinda funny cause my grandparents are a virgo/leo pair and they both match their zodiac well.

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