Sunday, April 15, 2018

J, K, L, M, is for....Wow, I am a little behind here! #MondaysMusicMovesMe #IGiveSparks #atozchallenge #signlanguage

Hey, welcome back to my dribble. I have been a bit behind due to ongoing computer issues and just plain stupid stuff. You know how that goes, right?

Anyway, I am catching up today and here to co-host, Monday's Music Moves Me. You know us right? We have Xmas Dolly who has kept this musical shin-dig going for 7 years now. Wow!
Then there is Cathy, who is mew-sically inclined, Stacy who brings the wine, and Callie who is just plain fine! (Just a note to continue thinking about her while she is out on hiatus.)

Before I get to the music, let us not forget that I hand out a nice Spark to get you going for the week. These are just a bit of positiveness in a crazy world.

Okay, on to the music. This week is a freebie week which means you can choose any theme of music you want. That is a good thing for me since I am in catch up mode. Ha!

First up, J:

Did any of you happen to catch John Legend in musical, "Jesus Christ Super Star"? It was absolutely incredible. So, I want to share a sign language version of the song.

Next up, K: Changing gears, I have always liked this next song even though it was a song of pain and hurt. I did not know that Luther Vandross had performed this song. This is the signed version I found. This woman gives passion to this song I love!


 Next up is, L: When the movie, "Frozen" first came out, my granddaughter, like so many others, could not get enough of it. My granddaughter sang the song so much we were sick of it. However, I found this signed version awhile ago and it is time to dust off the snow again for it. It is quite beautifully done.

Finally, today's letter is M: I love Carrie Underwood and the music she has written and performed. This one is new to me but it is still good. The lady signing it is expressive.

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See you musically soon.
~Michelle aka Naila Moon

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I if for Imagine! #AtoZchallenge #signlanguage

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a whirlwind of musical fun. In case you missed it, we hopped down the bunny trail with Easter songs. Go back one day and check them out. You can play all week so make sure to join in.

So, moving on...

Have any of you gone to see "I Can Only Imagine" at the theatre yet? I want to go see it. I am hoping it is, "The Shack"-esq, At first I did not realize it was based on the song of the same name by "Mercy Me." I don't know why I didn't make the connection there.

What I did do though is plan the same song for today's musical sign language! I love the song and the group. If you have not seen the original video, go check it out. That is, after you take a look at my selection. HA!

Here is another version of the same song. The beauty of sign language is the body movements and expressions of the person signing.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!!
~Michelle aka Naila Moon

Sunday, April 8, 2018

G is for Glorious! H is for Hallelujah! #atozchallenge #MondaysMusicMovesMe #IGiveSparks

Hey everyone,

Crazy week this past week and probably this week too but I am powering away to come by and say hello. First, a spark to get you up and going for this Monday.

Sorry that I did not get by last week. I do see you and love your postings!
I realized I also did not get my posting done in time for "G" for it to pre-post. So, this episode of Monday's Music Moves Me will include a song for "G" and "H"! The theme this week is also, "Easter songs" so, this should be challenging.

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Let's move it, shall we?

First up(G): I enjoy praise and worship music sometimes as much as other genres of music. Here is one sign language team that is signing to a group I like called Casting Crowns. The song is "Glorious Day" which is actually considered an Easter song. I am not sure why the tree behind them then.

Next (H): I love the group Pentatonix. This song is signed by a young man and woman out in a gorgeous setting. I hope you enjoy this one.

 Happy musical day! ~Michelle aka Naila Moon

Friday, April 6, 2018

F is for Fresh! #atozchallenge

Here we are at the end of the work week on another "F" word, FRIDAY! As I am almost FINISHED with my FIRST week of A-Z blogging, I have another FANTASTIC musical selection FOR you to enjoy.

This go around I am presenting a theme song for you by a then, not-so-well-known, Will Smith. He and his FRIEND Jazzy D not only wrote and sung the theme song to this popular TV show but also appeared in it.

I am talking about, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Do you remember Will Smith looking like this?

photo copyright

Who was your favorite character or favorite episode from this show? Tell me.

Blogging it A-Z, Michelle aka Naila Moon

Another version:

Thursday, April 5, 2018

E is for 18. #atozchallenge

I know what you are thinking.

"18" is a number, not a letter. Well, that is true but if you spell out the number you will quickly figure out that the word begins with the letter 'E'. EIGHTEEN + One Direction=EXCELLENT!

See what I did there? Yeah, I know...pathetic! But, One Direction isn't and coupled with my theme of signed songs you get pure awesomeness.

Have fun with this 'E' song. 

Do you have a favorite One Direction song or for that matter just a favorite song? Tell me.

Blogging it A-Z,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

D is for Despacito #atozchallenge

Welcome to hump day and the letter 'D'. Today's particular song I have never heard before nor have I heard of the singer (with the exception of Justin Bieber who is on the featured track). However, that is the one thing I love about YouTube is discovering new artist and musical delights.

In this song, despacito means, slowly. The song is essentially about how the singer wants to make love. It is mostly in Spanish but there are English translations if you want to go look for them. ;)

Enjoy the song Despacito!

~Blogging it A-Z,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

C is for Cups? #atozchallenge

Hi there! It is Tuesday and I am so glad to "C" ya.   HA HA HA...hum....ok, bad joke.
Anyway, the song I am presenting today became a bit of an earworm when it was first performed. The use of cups for the song was clever and still is for its original intent.

However, it does not quite translate for the deaf community other than seeing people moving around a bunch of cups. Still, the effort is to be noted and the song to be enjoyed. I give you, appropriately named, The Cup Song. By the way, I believe the original title was called When I'm Gone.

Another version:

Blogging it A-Z,
Michelle aka Naila Moon