Thursday, May 24, 2018

Legal Disclosure Policy

As I am sure all of you have heard by now and email been flooded, that we have to comply with the EU's legal policy disclosure especially if your blog is open internationally to those nations. Therefore, this page is serving that purpose and what it means for you and how I disclose or not disclose your information.

Note: If you need to update your own policies, I will direct you HERE who explains in detail and much time-consuming research what to do.

Legal Disclosure Policy for Naila Moon aka Michelle of Musings and Merriment with Michelle

Your personal data is stored on UTC servers inside of Blogger's site in a protected manner that enables you to receive my posts via email. If you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE, please click the link at the bottom of the post email you receive.
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Addresses and emails collected for giveaway purposes will never be sold or shared, with the exception of passing on information required for authors, publishers, or third party individuals to send a prize. I will only contact you via email if you have won a prize. 

At this time, I have no affiliate links or any commissions being paid to me, If this changes, I will update my policy to reflect those changes.
 Musings and Merriment with Michelle does accept paid advertising and products for review. Advertising has zero influence on the products/books I accept for review and the subsequent rating of those products or books.
In accordance with the current FTC disclosure rules for bloggers and reviewers, the books you see reviewed on the site are either purchased or are obtained through NetGalley, or directly from the author or publisher in some other form in an exchange for an honest review.  Products have either been purchased or sent to me free by a company or individual. All reviews will be clearly marked in the review when I receive a free book copy or product for review.
Our reviews, posts, and pages are copyright of  Musings and Merriment with Michelle unless otherwise noted. Please don’t take them and claim them as your own. The graphics on my site are either done by  Musings and Merriment with Michelle, or obtained through Creative Common License and do not claim them to be my own. I do try to note copyright when possible.
If there is an image appearing on this site that belongs to you and you do not wish for it to appear on  Musings and Merriment with Michelle, please contact me and I will take it down immediately.
This policy is in effect and update: 5/24/18
The policy will remain in effect from this date forward and update as necessary.
Naila Moon aka M.M. Hudson (Michelle) of  Musings and Merriment with Michelle

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Monday's Music Moves Me and A Spark! #MondaysMusicMovesMe #IGiveSparks

Well, hello again my musically inclined friends. I have good news! I finally have my net fixed again and hopefully, it will stay that way.

Before I begin with this week's theme. I want to hand out a spark to get your week going. If you would like to join those of us trying to start the week out positive, join the linky HERE

Well, now, this is the first month that we will begin having a co-host that chooses the themes for the month. Of course, you know Marie, who runs this musical shin-dig and Cathy and Stacy who co-conduct. We also welcome Alana on her first true co-conducting tour. We still send out love to Callie who is on hiatus.

This month will be John from "The Sound of One Hand Typing." He is well known to the A-Z Challengers as a co-host and to the 4M's as a strong player. Happy to have you aboard this month as a conductor. His first theme of the month is songs that start with each letter of your name. You can use your first, middle, or last name. Wow! Okay!

I have a very long name whether I use my real name or the one you most know me by. So, put your dancing shoes on and stay awhile! Here we go...

M: What better fit than starting out with a song that has my name in it!

I: From Whitney Houston

C: From the Mamas and the Papas

H: From Neil Diamond

E: From Tears for Fears

L: Another from Neil Diamond

L: From David Bowie

E: Finally, from Michael Jackson

Make sure to link up.
Musically yours,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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Notice: Michelle aka Naila Moon is not responsible for prize shipment. Please see details above for entry. 
I will be receiving products in exchange for this posting. This sweepstake is promoted by True Citrus and not affiliated with any social media content.

Monday, April 30, 2018

U, V,W,X,Y, Z!!! The end of A-Z Challenge 2018 #MondaysMusicMovesMe #AtoZ #Music #signlanguage #IGiveSparks

Hello, my musical friends.  I am sitting here listening to someone play the piano. How apropos for Monday's Music Moves Me. Our theme this week is a freebie which works for the last few letters to do this challenging month.

Our format is going to be changing a little bit. More about that in a moment.

Speaking of challenges, this is also the last day for the A-Z Challenge. It has been a particularly challenging this time around for me with net issues and personal issues in the way BUT I have finished and that is what is most important.

So, as I also give out a spark on Monday's here is one for you to chew on.

So, on to the music. I wanted to let you know that today is also my last day of co-hosting again. I stepped in to help out while Callie is on hiatus. As with other things this month, it was a challenge to keep going. I hope the things that have been difficult this month will smooth out soon.

Having said that, I want to introduce Alana to you as a new co-host. She is an excellent choice to join this musical train and has big shoes to fill too. lol Please welcome her on board!

Beginning next month, the formatting for 4M's will change a bit. There will still be a linky but one person will be an honorary co-host and pick the themes for the month which of course includes our freebie weeks. Sounds awesome to me!

So, rounding up the A-Z Challenge of music in sign language:

This U song is a throwback to the 1980's with MC Hammer. I love this dance troupe!

This V song is a new one to me by the Christian group Casting Crowns. This is the second version I found and it spoke to me. She is so expressive with her sign language.

This W song was such an earworm when it first came out and goofy fox costumes were prized possessions. Remember again, this is a dance troupe's interpretation with ASL.

This X song cracked me up a bit. Not because of the song itself, but of the interpreter's translation of it. The little disco ball kills me!

This Y song is from a favorite movie of mine. This is the first version I saw to post BUT  note that it is not safe for him to be signing with both hands while he is driving. This would never be approved of by the deaf community.

Finally, I come to the letter Z in songs in sign language. This one has to be wow, right? So, I give you...ZERO. It is about people with disabilities having zero barriers in the world.

Thanks for hanging out with me for the A-Z challenge and for being so patient! Make sure to link up and enjoy others music too. 

Until next time, musically yours,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Monday, April 23, 2018

N, O, P, Q, R, S, T...Catch Up With the Music! #AtoZChallenge #MondaysMusicMovesMe #IGiveSparks

Hey, welcome back to Monday's Music Moves Me and of course, the A-Z Challenge. I have been a bit behind due to ongoing computer issues but I keep pushing on and hope they will solve themselves. Thanks for sticking with me!

Anyway, I am catching up today and here to co-host, Monday's Music Moves Me. You know us right? We have Xmas Dolly who has kept this musical shin-dig going for 7 years now. Wow!
Then there is Cathy, who is mew-sically inclined, Stacy who brings the wine, and Callie who is just plain fine! (Just a note to continue thinking about her while she is out on hiatus. We are not sure she will be able to come back but we hope so. WE MISS YOU!)
The theme this week is Earth Day songs. However, mine will probably not be except maybe the last song.

Before I get to the music, let us not forget that I hand out a nice Spark to get you going for the week. These are just a bit of positiveness in a crazy world.

On to the music...Due to the amount of catch up, I am only going to post the letter and the signed song. Enjoy it all! Don't forget, for you hearing folks, the music is being played. Some signers are better than others but all are amazing for such a beautiful language.

Tell me in comments which one you like the best and do not forget to link up! 
~Michelle aka Naila Moon

Sunday, April 15, 2018

J, K, L, M, is for....Wow, I am a little behind here! #MondaysMusicMovesMe #IGiveSparks #atozchallenge #signlanguage

Hey, welcome back to my dribble. I have been a bit behind due to ongoing computer issues and just plain stupid stuff. You know how that goes, right?

Anyway, I am catching up today and here to co-host, Monday's Music Moves Me. You know us right? We have Xmas Dolly who has kept this musical shin-dig going for 7 years now. Wow!
Then there is Cathy, who is mew-sically inclined, Stacy who brings the wine, and Callie who is just plain fine! (Just a note to continue thinking about her while she is out on hiatus.)

Before I get to the music, let us not forget that I hand out a nice Spark to get you going for the week. These are just a bit of positiveness in a crazy world.

Okay, on to the music. This week is a freebie week which means you can choose any theme of music you want. That is a good thing for me since I am in catch up mode. Ha!

First up, J:

Did any of you happen to catch John Legend in musical, "Jesus Christ Super Star"? It was absolutely incredible. So, I want to share a sign language version of the song.

Next up, K: Changing gears, I have always liked this next song even though it was a song of pain and hurt. I did not know that Luther Vandross had performed this song. This is the signed version I found. This woman gives passion to this song I love!


 Next up is, L: When the movie, "Frozen" first came out, my granddaughter, like so many others, could not get enough of it. My granddaughter sang the song so much we were sick of it. However, I found this signed version awhile ago and it is time to dust off the snow again for it. It is quite beautifully done.

Finally, today's letter is M: I love Carrie Underwood and the music she has written and performed. This one is new to me but it is still good. The lady signing it is expressive.

Make sure to link up below.
See you musically soon.
~Michelle aka Naila Moon

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I if for Imagine! #AtoZchallenge #signlanguage

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a whirlwind of musical fun. In case you missed it, we hopped down the bunny trail with Easter songs. Go back one day and check them out. You can play all week so make sure to join in.

So, moving on...

Have any of you gone to see "I Can Only Imagine" at the theatre yet? I want to go see it. I am hoping it is, "The Shack"-esq, At first I did not realize it was based on the song of the same name by "Mercy Me." I don't know why I didn't make the connection there.

What I did do though is plan the same song for today's musical sign language! I love the song and the group. If you have not seen the original video, go check it out. That is, after you take a look at my selection. HA!

Here is another version of the same song. The beauty of sign language is the body movements and expressions of the person signing.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!!
~Michelle aka Naila Moon