Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Determination...my one word & 52 weeks

As I have done in the past, I do not make New Year resolutions. They are seriously worthless as by February or even the next day, they are forgotten.

What I do is a 52 week challenge and use one word that seems to be an overall thought for the year ahead.
Last year, I decided not to do the 52 and instead focus on the word but this year in 2014 I am focusing on both.  Bare with me and you will see how the intertwine.

First my one word: DETERMINATION

How often I have thought I would do this or that. Or I would like to do this project but never started it. Or worse yet, started something and didn't finish it. I literally have gone several years with things I wanted to do but did not do them for one reason or the other.

This year I am not letting me get in the way of things. I am determined to be bold. I am determined to be brave. I am determined to finish. I am determined...period!

This is my mind set for this year.

Having said that, I move in to my 52 things I am determined to get through this year. I know the list seems encumbersome but that is where the determination comes through.  Here they are in no particular order:

1. No Pepsi at all for entire year. (Note: I have no issue with Pepsi per se, I just do not need to drink it or any other beverage like it.)
2. Meatless Mondays
3. Do a series of A-Z videos (Subject unknown at this writing_
4. 30 straight days of blogging (this may coincide with the next one)
5. A-Z April blog challenge
6. 52 week of selfie photos (1 each week)
7. Collect 50 postcards-1 from each state (mailed to me-where are you from?)
8. 30 days of art in November
9. Try 52 Recipes (1 a week) and blog
10. 52 week money challenge
11. Open a saving account for grandchild
12. Try yoga for 30 days
13. Exercise 2-3 days a week in some way
14. Watch 12 new movies (new to me)
15. Write 12 pen pal letters (Want to be my penpal? Email me)
16. 30 days of straight photography
17. Do a marathon (run or walk)
18. Help 12 people someway
19. Travel back to Sedona, AZ
20. Get my cochlear implant fixed
21. Apply for a hearing dog
22. Send birthday cards to at least immediate family on time
23. Heart card project in February
24. Go on 5 picnics with the hubby
25. Visit a new place
26. Go to 6 Flags Elitch Gardens
27. Lose 10 pounds in a month
28. Swing on a swing
29. Use coupons once a month or more
30. Hit first weight loss goal
31. Make 10 kid's games
32. Make art from recycled stuff
33. Go to a local Pow Wow
34. Fill in my genealogy boards
35. Scrapbook my Grandson's 1st year
36. Take in a play
37. Get a mammogram!
38. Buy a filing cabinet
39. Buy a new pair of jeans
40. Frame & Hang my photos
41. Go to the movie theatre 4 times
42. Re-learn sign language
43. Read 52 books (The next few will coincide-Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge)
44. Read 12 Latino/Latina authors (Latin@s Kid Lit Challenge)
45. Read 6 African American authors-kid's lit.
46. Read 6 Native American authors-kid's lit
47. Read 6 books from authors who write about special needs-kid's lit
48. Write my own children's book
49. Update my address box
50. Go on a horse drawn carriage ride
51. Re-organize my closet
52. Finish everything on the list
There you have it...DETERMINATION!

I look forward to seeing your one word or if you wish your 52 week challenge.
Happy New Year!

~Naila Moon

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rockin' Out of 2013 with Monday's Music Moves Me

Here we are at the end of another year and ready to head into a new year. Why not rock it out with all of us at the 4M's. You know of course this fantastic meme is hosted by none other that Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Colette, Cathy and Stacy and of course, yours truly.

We have a brand spankin' new Spotlight Dancer button and the very first person that gets to have that all coveted button is....drum roll....JLansky. Whoo hoo! Check it out.


This week we have the theme of your favorites from 2013 or songs about 'time' or if you really prefer, "New Year's songs".  Wow, we left it wide open this time.

I do not know if you have known or not but all year long I kept a Pinterest board of Monday's Music. I have decided I am going to pick my favorites from there for this theme. Here we go....

First up: I love both of the singers and the duos they have done have been unreal! ( I cannot get enough of Pitbull ya all!)

Next: I have been warming up to this next singer all year long. I do like his sound.

Next: I am including this next one in my list because the singer dedicated it to his grandparents. It is very sweet and nice memory of them.

This next one: I love how this singer just keeps evolving. She is always a cool pick for me.

Finally: I am going to round this out with a mash up of a group and fantastic violinist. I am really enjoying both of their sounds apart but together this is a wow!

To end my year, as I have started my years so many times, I watched Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve on ABC. The world lost a musical icon in his own right last year and I always think of him at this time. To those of us who got to be a  part of his New Year's Eve, we were lucky! Here is a tribute to him done well.  Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

As the sun goes down...

 As the sun has gone down and Christmas Day comes to a close, I am reminded of something I wrote 5 years ago about my then fiance. We were married Christmas Day 2008 and these words still hold true. I love you Tamirisc (Chronicles From the Man Cave) ~Naila Moon

"Sometimes, if we are lucky, we are given second chances in life, in some cases this is a new job, or a new place to live. For me I was fortunate enough to be given a second chance at love, and a love that is deeper and more powerful than anything I have ever experienced!"
This quote was written by another here on multiply. It says everything that I am about to tell you and I agree with it completely.

As many of you know, I have counted down the weeks, days, hours and minutes to a certain day...which was this past Friday, August 15th.  You knew of my excitement but only just a few knew the whole truth. I swore Ms G, Mr P, KH and Lori to a secret they so figured out. Thanks for not revealing my secret until I was ready for it.
You see, a few months back I met someone on line who I began chatting with off line. As time went on I began to discover my feelings for him were developing in to something more.  He resisted with all his might and frankly thought I was off my rocker....I can't say that I blame him in that assessment because how illogical it was that I was beginning to fall for someone online.  My ex-husband had done such a number on me that I never thought I could truly love another or that someone would love me as I am.
So, after many months, I was invited to come visit him and that day was August 15th, I will tell you now that the person I am speaking about is Tamiric.He wrote the opening line of this blog in a blog about me and how he felt about me.
I am writing this from Denver, Co where Mark lives. He is everything I have ever dreamed the love of my life should be.  He understands me completely and loves me in a way I cannot even begin to describe.
Mark is my soul mate, the love of my life I have desired for so long and I cannot begin to tell him how grateful I am that the universe put us together.
While here we have gone to a confectionary shop he has written about, gone to his favorite Greek restaurant, shopped down town as we walked in the rain, he has cooked meals for me that you would have at a 5 star restaurants, had a private showing of Batman Begins, listened to music and we have enjoyed the view of the Colorado mountains from his balcony.
Yes, if we get a second chance then we are truly lucky to have it. Without a doubt in my mind I am truly lucky to have Mark in mine life.
I love you Mark, and I certainly look forward to many more moments in time with you and the promises that we are yet to reveal.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Was the Virgin Mary

My daughter  representing the Virgin Mary for a Bible School presentation.

Before I get letters and hate mail or you know, that occasional stoning, hear me out.

When I was in elementary school, maybe around 7th grade, I was asked to represent the Virgin Mary for our church.  I had the dark hair and was tall. I was also very devout. To say the least, I was honored.

You see, I was not going to be in a play. Oh no! What I was asked to do was even more than that..

 In our church as is tradition in some other churches is that the baby Jesus figure never shows up in the manger scene until the night of Christmas Eve. What I was asked to do is to represent the Virgin Mary presenting the baby Jesus to the whole congregation and lay him in the manger. A great honor!

My excitement was overwhelming and yet, nervousness at the same time. What if I dropped him or something worse like an arm broke off or something. This was MAJOR stress for someone my age.

Needless to say, Christmas Eve came around that year, as it always does, and my Mom helped me dress. I wore a beautiful long light blue dress, simple and not overly decorated, and I also wore a darker shade of a blue long veil on my head.

I was given the baby Jesus in the back of church. He was a small figure that just fit in both of my hands. Just as a baby so small would do. I cradled him as I looked at the figure, a representation to hold.  I was told that I would walk in front of the priest and everyone in the procession. 

As the music began, I walked slowly and held him high, everyone could see me but their eyes were not on me, but the Christ child...their eyes were where they belonged for such an evening as this.  
I walked to the front of the church but I did not lay him in the manger, not yet. 

In fact, I took my seat in the pew still holding the figure of the Christ child. I waited for what seemed like an eternity. Then...

At a point in the service, it was time.

I once again, raised the baby high but this time, I was alone in the procession, just me and the baby. I walked slowly to the manger that was in front of the church. I then turned to the congregation and showed them the baby Jesus. Christmas morning had arrived!

I then laid him in the manger and returned to my seat.

The Virgin Mary had done her job...I had done mine...baby Jesus had been brought to the world to be seen.

Merry Christmas!
~Naila Moon

Monday, December 23, 2013

Need Warm Legs and Feet? How about a cotton socks giveaway

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 I personally have diabetes Type 2, so to have socks that do not bind is a good thing! They are quite comfortable, and as you can see Dolly  tried the knee high socks.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Music on the eve of Christmas Eve...Monday's Music Moves Me

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the sphere, the 4M ladies were giving a cheer.
Xmas Dolly at the helm, that musical Queen Elf, was dancing and singing in spite of herself.
The CD's were playing and YouTube was seen with care, in hopes that a comment or two would be in the air.
And I in on my laptop and typing away, could hardly think of something to say.
When out from the kitchen there rose such a clatter, I sprang from the table to see what was the matter.
And what would be wondering eyes see but not a jolly old elf, but my cat, Amelia, who knocked down the tree.
Her fur on end and eyes flushed with fear, she must have known I was ready to snear.
Instead with a laugh and a little pout, I put on some more Christmas music and danced about.
And just as my ankles were about to give out, 
I heard from the rooftop...
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good twist and shout!

So here we are...almost Dec. 25th...whee.......one last week of 2013 to post some Christmas/holiday music.
Let's do it! I am going to share some trivia with you this time too. 

1. In "Carol of the Bells," what is it that the "sweet silver bells" seem to be saying?

2. In "Let it Snow," which consumable product does the singer offer as an inducement to his love interest to stay by the fire?

3. What did the night wind say to the little lamb?

4. In "The First Noel," whom does the angel address?

5. What is the one song my Mom played every year as we were waking up Christmas morning?

FINAL & BONUS: Who got married 5 years  ago (2008) on Christmas day?
Hint: Half of the duo today is....


Angry Birds, Go Pirate Attack Game by Hasbro Giveaway

I have partnered with Xmas Dolly to bring this fun game for your game nights or to give away as a gift. Either way...Hasbro means fun! Jenga / Pirate Pig Attack Game by Hasbro! Launch the Birds to Destroy the PIRATE SHIP! Yes, now children 8+ (players 1-2) can set sail and battle pirate piggies in the new Angry Birds Go! Jenga Pirate Pig Attack Game. /race head to head against your rival to destroy the pirate ship! Slingshot your kart down the slope to capture the victory flag, and take down the deadly PIRATE PIGS! Players can also unlock Angry Birds Go! in-app content with a special code in each pack! Isn’t that the coolest!

ANGRY BIRDS GO! The little guys in your life is going to love this game. You have to put the pirate ship together by yourself. 2 karts, bird, 5 pigs, 2 launchers, ramp, ship base, left ship frame, right ship frame, left railing piece, center railing piece, right railing piece, 5 cannons, 2 half blocks, II full-sized blocks, mast with a crow’s nest (I love that part hehe), flag with stand (cute), and of course the instructions to put all this together. Oh fun!!!

And do you know what the best part is? You can win one right here and today! Woo Hoo! Just enter the rafflecopter below! Hasbro you have done it again for our little kiddos! WOO HOO!

 MUTINY YOU SAY??? THERE’S NO SUCH WORD IN THIS GAME… It’s “Angry Birds GO! ”LAUNCH THE BIRDS & DESTROY THAT PIRATE SHIP! BOOM! BOOM! PIRATE PIG ATTACK GAME!!! TAKE NO PRISONERS! They only want to be in the Lyme light and ham it up!!! ~ snicker-snicker~

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post other than links on the Rafflecopter. Naila Moon of Just The Stuff Ya Know is not responsible for prize shipment.Ends January 1, 2014

The 4th Candle...Are We Ready?

About the 4th week of Advent:
The fourth candle, the "Candle of Love," reminds Christians that God loves them enough to send the only Son to Earth.
"We light this candle because we look forward with eagerness to the birth of a child, the son of Mary and the Son of God! The purple color reminds us of how serious we are in looking forward to the Son’s birth."

My thoughts:
A 4th candle! The candle representing love!

Aren't we so lucky to have this candle to remind us of a child that is to be born soon. That child, will love us unconditionally without compromise, without prejudice, without anger or hatred. 

He will love us just as we are. Beautiful in our own rights.

He won't Facebook or Tweet to tell us he is coming. He won't send an email or mail us a letter.
No, instead an angel will announce his coming.

And oh, he will come! He will come just as you and I do, from the womb of a woman. He will come crying out to the nations and the nations will hear him in the quietness of the manger.

Love will be born and we will benefit.

Are we ready?

~Naila Moon

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Take a moment to smile!

I am joining Danielle again for Silly Saturday because we just all need a good smile. 
Here is a problem with having animals during the holidays...

...and when people do not listen...

...and when they do. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 5 Christmas Songs and Friday Stuff

Today I am following along with Mama Kat and her writing prompts. You do know that is how she started out don't you? You know before she became the YouTube sensation she is now! *grins*

Anyway, one of the prompts is my top 5 Christmas songs. Well, since I love music and the world needs a break from all of the idiocy going lately, this sounded good to me.

Let's see, in no particular order...

1. Mary Did You Know?
This song probably does hit close to the #1 song for me. I love the blend of Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd's voices. No one seems to have sung it better in my mind. The thought that such a younger girl would have known what she was bringing into the world boggles the mind.

2.  I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
This song is without a doubt a favorite of mine. I love Bing's crooner voice. To me, he just exudes Mr. Christmas.

3. Little Drummer Boy
I suppose I have to put this one among my favorites. Of course it is another Bing song but this arrangement with David Bowe is just top notch and I do not think has been matched since.

4. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
This next song I am putting on my list because it reminds me of my childhood. We owned the album of Gene Autry and was played so much it had skips in it. In my mind, no one else really can sing the song like he did. He was also the first to record the song which became the #1 best selling song on the Billboard charts for 1949 which to me, makes it a winner.

5. Keep Christmas With You
There are tons of songs that I could put on this list and it is really hard to narrow but ultimately, I had to go with this one. This song is only one of many on the Sesame Street Christmas show that year.
This movie I have watched with my children every Christmas since they were little. The new generation has begun watching it with their parents too. The song reminds of us of how we should be at this time of year but throughout the year in its entirety. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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The Jenny Evolution

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pretty Lights of Wonder

My sweet Granddaughter was checking out the lights in 2011. Do you think she thought they were a thing of wonder?

Link 'em up with these folks!
~Naila Moon