Sunday, December 15, 2013

3rd Sunday of Advent: Joy

About the 3rd week of Advent:
"Today we remember the joy of waiting, because we know how the story ends!
We light this candle because, like people centuries ago, we know that God has come in Christ and that Christ will come again. We rejoice in history and in the future. The pink color means joy!"

My thoughts:
This week is all about joy. How often we have looked for the joy in our lives and seemingly could not find it. Why is that?

Truth is, we have not looked hard enough. Even the smallest of smallest of things could bring us joy. For example, have you ever given a child a rattle and watched as they have played with it for hours. Or how about the card you gave someone in a nursing home? Did you notice their smile? Did you notice yours?

Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies for my husband. I did not tell him I was doing that but he knew something was up. He came home from a long day to warm cookies. It gave him a small bit of joy on a rough day.
Waiting is hard for us! We are a world of instant gratification. We want it now!
Let us just enjoy this time of waiting patiently. Let us just look for the small things that give us joy because we know that the larger joy is yet to come.

~Naila Moon


  1. This is Gaudete Sunday which means rejoice. This is to remind us that Christ is almost here, and to anticipate His birth. Now that it's getting closer, I can hardly wait for Christmas to get here.

  2. Amen! Good one Naila and so so true! I cannot believe it's only "9" more days! WOW! But as you say it's the coming of Christ, and boy oh boy do we need Him now! There are people out there that really believe that he is coming again. I think I would really like to look into that to see what they believe in, and there facts behind what they believe. hmmmmm It would be Heavenly that's for sure because we do need saving! I'd rather the Lord come then the Apocalypse that's for sure!

  3. Love this!
    Joy should be a deep, deep well that is our reserve when we are close to losing faith, or hope. we only need to draw from it and let it over flow on us. If we have our hearts and minds focused on the good things in life, I think we will always be able to tap into that Joy Well.


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