Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Day of Advent..12/1/13

Meaning of Advent

Advent is a word that means “coming” or “visit”. In the Christian season of Advent, we prepare for the “advent” of Christ at Christmas. Our preparation includes many things:
• We remember Israel’s hope for the coming of God’s Messiah to save, to forgive, and to restore.
• We remember our hope for the second coming of Jesus.
• We remember our need for a Savior to save us from our sins.
• We prepare to welcome Christ at Christmas into our world . . . and into our hearts.
By lighting one candle each week of Advent, we help ourselves get ready for the birth of Jesus. 
Taken from the Advent Devotional Guide by Mark D. Roberts
My thoughts about Advent
Advent has always had special meaning to me and my family. We always had an Advent wreath in our home, although, it did not look like the one above. It always had 4 red candles and 1 white in the center.
Every Sunday, prior to Christmas, we sat as a family first thing and lit the Advent wreath. Each of us got a chance to light a candle (as there was 4 of us). This preparation and waiting was important and intentional. It gave us a remembrance of why Christmas was celebrated in the first place.
As the weeks go on, I will share more with you. Until then today we celebrate and look for hope. This is something many today do not even have anymore. Without hope, there is loss.
I can only wish for hope for all because it is needed to live, to strive to be better and to move forward. The 1st day of Advent is a sign of hope for something coming that is great.
Enjoy the first week of Advent my friends.
~Naila Moon


  1. My kids all have Advent calendars that my mother buys them each year. They are very commercial - but because it is grandma (who I know also teaches them about Jesus) I don't mind this one thing. But it certainly does teach them about waiting!! They can hardly wait for the 24 days to be done!
    Hope is my favourite I think. All else flows from it.

  2. That is beautiful. And I've always loved the symbolism of the candles too - Jesus, the light of the world!

  3. Your friend was right, your post works perfectly for my blog challenge too :) See you next Sunday?


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