Wednesday, December 25, 2013

As the sun goes down...

 As the sun has gone down and Christmas Day comes to a close, I am reminded of something I wrote 5 years ago about my then fiance. We were married Christmas Day 2008 and these words still hold true. I love you Tamirisc (Chronicles From the Man Cave) ~Naila Moon

"Sometimes, if we are lucky, we are given second chances in life, in some cases this is a new job, or a new place to live. For me I was fortunate enough to be given a second chance at love, and a love that is deeper and more powerful than anything I have ever experienced!"
This quote was written by another here on multiply. It says everything that I am about to tell you and I agree with it completely.

As many of you know, I have counted down the weeks, days, hours and minutes to a certain day...which was this past Friday, August 15th.  You knew of my excitement but only just a few knew the whole truth. I swore Ms G, Mr P, KH and Lori to a secret they so figured out. Thanks for not revealing my secret until I was ready for it.
You see, a few months back I met someone on line who I began chatting with off line. As time went on I began to discover my feelings for him were developing in to something more.  He resisted with all his might and frankly thought I was off my rocker....I can't say that I blame him in that assessment because how illogical it was that I was beginning to fall for someone online.  My ex-husband had done such a number on me that I never thought I could truly love another or that someone would love me as I am.
So, after many months, I was invited to come visit him and that day was August 15th, I will tell you now that the person I am speaking about is Tamiric.He wrote the opening line of this blog in a blog about me and how he felt about me.
I am writing this from Denver, Co where Mark lives. He is everything I have ever dreamed the love of my life should be.  He understands me completely and loves me in a way I cannot even begin to describe.
Mark is my soul mate, the love of my life I have desired for so long and I cannot begin to tell him how grateful I am that the universe put us together.
While here we have gone to a confectionary shop he has written about, gone to his favorite Greek restaurant, shopped down town as we walked in the rain, he has cooked meals for me that you would have at a 5 star restaurants, had a private showing of Batman Begins, listened to music and we have enjoyed the view of the Colorado mountains from his balcony.
Yes, if we get a second chance then we are truly lucky to have it. Without a doubt in my mind I am truly lucky to have Mark in mine life.
I love you Mark, and I certainly look forward to many more moments in time with you and the promises that we are yet to reveal.


  1. Such a sweet story! Best wishes to you and Mark. Everyone deserves a love like that.

  2. Tami, we just celebrate five years of being married. My beloved Wife. Thank you for the memories I remember when you posted this on Multiply 5 years back. It has been challenging at times, but I would not give you up for all the wealth in the known universe.

  3. goodness guys! I'm already overly emotional this time of year!! this is just....amazing. and beautiful.


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