Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rockin' Out of 2013 with Monday's Music Moves Me

Here we are at the end of another year and ready to head into a new year. Why not rock it out with all of us at the 4M's. You know of course this fantastic meme is hosted by none other that Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Colette, Cathy and Stacy and of course, yours truly.

We have a brand spankin' new Spotlight Dancer button and the very first person that gets to have that all coveted button is....drum roll....JLansky. Whoo hoo! Check it out.


This week we have the theme of your favorites from 2013 or songs about 'time' or if you really prefer, "New Year's songs".  Wow, we left it wide open this time.

I do not know if you have known or not but all year long I kept a Pinterest board of Monday's Music. I have decided I am going to pick my favorites from there for this theme. Here we go....

First up: I love both of the singers and the duos they have done have been unreal! ( I cannot get enough of Pitbull ya all!)

Next: I have been warming up to this next singer all year long. I do like his sound.

Next: I am including this next one in my list because the singer dedicated it to his grandparents. It is very sweet and nice memory of them.

This next one: I love how this singer just keeps evolving. She is always a cool pick for me.

Finally: I am going to round this out with a mash up of a group and fantastic violinist. I am really enjoying both of their sounds apart but together this is a wow!

To end my year, as I have started my years so many times, I watched Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve on ABC. The world lost a musical icon in his own right last year and I always think of him at this time. To those of us who got to be a  part of his New Year's Eve, we were lucky! Here is a tribute to him done well.  Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. I like Bruno Mars best of all!

  2. Love it Love it Love it! Every single one Love it! From Dick Clark to Pink, Bruno Mars and all the rest best ever! YOU HAVE TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE - HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRLFRIEND!

  3. You made some great pics! Love Justin's song, love Pink always, LOVE Lindsay and that violin....and of course New Years' will never be the same without Dick Clark.
    I am not participating in hops/memes over the holidays, but just wanted to drop by and wish all the best for 2014!

  4. Music is the best way to celebrate. Thanks for sharing your videos. Happy new year.

  5. I pulled up the wonderful tribute to Dick Clark. The other items wouldn't pull up on my computer. Didn't we have this problem last week? I don't know what the deal is. I tried to pull the songs up on both Firefox and Safari. I am, however, familiar with the JT song and know it's great, even if I get a message about my flash drive when I try to play it. The others are just white empty spaces on my page. Weird. I must need to update something on my computer.

  6. Wow. I see my earlier message, so it must have pulled up something before. Sorry.

  7. Well you outdone yaself this week fab choices & that gif with the baby is hilarious :-)

    Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2014 :-)

    PS: Me thinks Joyce has already started celebrating New Year LOL

  8. I can't think of New Year's Eve without thinking of Dick Clark, either. I bet many of us here shared many years watching American Bandstand to Rockin' in the New Year. The biggest party in the world just isn't quite the same, since his passing.

    But, any who, you sure did pull out all the stops with these mega super hits. Bruno Mars' Treasure is one of my favorites and I really love listening to Lindsey Stirling. I definitely will look into getting some of her music soon.

    I send my prayers and wishes to you for all of life's goodness to pour down on you in the New Year, my friend!

  9. Happy New Year!
    Wonderful selections, both familiar and new to me.
    Great tribute to the man who never seemed to age.
    I think I may have stayed here too long!

  10. Great videos - thanks for sharing! Followed you on network blogs, and I'm already following you on linky followers. Glad you like my songs - I know they're not for everybody (but then, they don't TRY to be)! Happy New Year!

  11. just 2 day left to this wacky year,here to a better on in 2014.

  12. Happy New Year to you Nalia - I love how celebratory your blog is!

    Create With Joy

  13. I've seen a bit of the Clark as I flip from channel to channel during the New Years too :)

    Very nice list you have here N.

    Thanks for being with us with party hopping for such a long time! We appreciate you!

    Happy New Year! :)

  14. Enjoyed your songs for today! We are planning something spectacular for tomorrow night - well, maybe not totally spectacular, but it should be interesting! Happy New Year to you and that hubby of yours!

  15. any song with Usher is definitely on my must playlist great way to end the year i was dancing on tables


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