Sunday, December 15, 2013

Deck The Halls With Music Moves Me On Monday

*sings loudly* (You know the tune!)
Deck the hall with Xmas Queen Dolly. Fa la la la la la la la la
Dance along with elves Stacy, Cathy and Callie...Fa la la la la la la la la
Don't forget me, 'cause I'm an elf too... Fa la la la... la... la... la
Our Spotlight Dancer is Laura who's just too cool... Fa la la la la....La La La ....LA!

If you had read my post yesterday, you would know that this weeks is all about joy! So, today, I am celebrating that joy in music. Come along with me and deck the halls of this dance floor and sing out loud. Let's have some fun shall we?

First up: Saturday, was our elf Cathy's birthday. So, this first one is for her. Hope it was great Cathy!

Next up: Since we are decking the halls here. Let's go with this one. (Watch to the end.)

Up next, these guys no doubt know how to deck the halls.

Finally, some more musical joy, let's try this one on for size.


  1. First up, I just love your creative little jingle announcing each of the 4M crew - very good, girl! Ah, a special thanks for the little birthday sing-out! When I was a kid I always felt a little gipped because my birthday fell so close to Christmas. I love how in the flashmob scene how the crowd got so silent. Wouldn't it be so great to witness such a nice thing like this? Two great minds think alike with the Muppets today, I see. lol Oh, I just love the signing of Joy to the World. Part of me always wanted to learn how to sign like this. This is really beautiful!

  2. How Wonderful! I loved the Birthday Song for Cathy. All the other songs where great, as well. You know I'm a Muppet fan.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Fab choices I enjoyed them

    Have a baubletastic week ;-)

  4. You have me smiling from beginning to end with your selections this week!
    Thank you for the sing-out!
    (shared the Christmas birthday song with my sister.)

  5. Your Deck the Halls lyrics are perfect for you guys! Ha! Just love your choices for today, and thank you for the inspiration for a music choice I had today from your post from yesterday.

  6. You my dear is seriously too cool! I LOVE the jingle!

    And one day I hope to experience the flash mob! I think it's awesome!

    I enjoyed your sharing today.
    Thank you Naila.

    Aloha :)

  7. I know a few people who have birthdays on, or near Christmas. That first song could apply to them as well. :) It's funny you played it for your elf.

  8. LOL - love your jingle at the start!
    And why why can't I ever see a live Flash Mob?! that was awesome. Love Joy to the World - and that was really special seeing the sign language. We have a man at our church who does this on Sundays and he taught my Sunday School class how to sign their Christmas song.

  9. Those were fun! :D Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Cheers!


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