Saturday, June 25, 2011

The blog you never want to write or R.I.P.

My blogger friends,

I have not had the energy to blog in the last week for my focus was on my Dad. He went in to respite care the day before Father's day as my Mom was going to take a much needed rest and small vacation.  I was to take care of him after five days of respite. He had liver, colon, and lung cancer. He also had COPD, a heart condition and two aneurysms.  The man seemed to have nine lives.

I went to visit him everyday.

This Monday he began to take a weird turn. He got progressively worse and on Wednesday he passed away. 

I was the only one with him on the day he took his last breathe. I had just put his favorite singer on, Sarah Brightman, and watched  him say goodbye to this world.  He had no pain and the music made him seem to be even more at peace.

I wish that I could say that gives me some comfort. In some ways it does, in other ways, it does not.

I am grateful that I got to spend the last few days with him even if he could not speak to me. We spoke about a few memories we had together and at one point I saw a tear come from his eyes. Maybe this was a knowing or a wishing that things had been different between us.  Maybe it was just simply a moment of time that had gone by that was good and precious. Truly, I cannot be for sure.

Even as I write this I am utterly sick of the time that was wasted over the years.  The time I spent ticked at him for something that happened 23 years ago. Or the times that I felt so alienated by him. Why did forgiveness not come sooner?

Yet, the last 6 months had been wonderfully great and there in the end, it was just he and I. It was just a father and a daughter spending the time he had left together with only an understanding of love.

I will and do miss my Dad already.  I could never have imagined him being gone from this earth and yet he is. I am blessed in knowing and in what my faith tells me, that he is with me in spirit. That I suppose is where the comfort truly lies.
He was an organ donor so it is also great to know that someones life will be blessed because of his gift.

So, Dad, I love you. I will miss your humor and your endless trivia, but most of all, I will miss your face.  It is not so much as goodbye as see you later.

Peace...Naila Moon

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Me Monday and Music Moves Me

It is that time of the week that I really like for blogging as you get to meet me and I get to meet you. First come on over to Java's place at Never Growing Old. Then if that is not enough we can meet over at Xmas Dolly's place to boogie down to the music. Just an FYI, I am featured as the #1 "Spotlight Dancer" there. Thanks a bunch Dolly! ( my songs to boogie to are below)

Meet Me Monday
1.  What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?

They tell so much!

2.  Do you talk to yourself?

3.  What is your current relationship status?

Going on 3 years!

4.  Do you have a garden? I so love home grown tomatoes too!

5.  What is your favorite licorice flavor?

The Only kind I like!


Music Moves Me 

Spotlight Dancers

I am feeling in a Phil Collins kind of mood. Let me kick it off with this:

Next up:

Thank you Miami vice. Am I dating myself? lol

Have a great week!
~Naila Moon



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Top 10 List...Thursday June 16th

I found a new blogger today (well she is new to me anyway) and every Thursday she post a Top 10 question. Honestly, I could not help to think David Lettermen and his Top 10!

Anyway, I digress.  Her question of the week was: 10 Things you want to do but haven't yet?  Although, I have my on-going Project 52 list which you can see HERE, I will list my 10 anyway (kind of random.

1. Go to the zoo
2. Go to Grant's Farm
3. Make those home made Christmas cards for my family and friends.
4. Buy a couch
5. Get 25 of those pounds of fluffiness off
6. Get back in to college
7. Finish my A-Z Photo Project
8. Go to Las Vegas
9. Have my niece over for a week
10. Go to Hawaii!!! :) (side note: I really want to go bad!!!)

Peace...Naila Moon

Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Me Monday-June 13th and Music Moves Me (Happy Birthday)

This is one of my very favorite days for blogging because you get to learn a little something about me. As always it is Meet Me Monday over at Java's place and Music Moves Me (below) at Xmas Dolly's.

First off Meet Me Monday

1.  What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
I suppose when I eat yogurt it would be one of these two kinds:

2.  Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??

I like ankle socks and although I wear mostly white, I do have a couple of funky pair.

3.  How is the weather right now?

Ok, Just joking. It is cloudy and getting ready to rain.

4.  Are you a fast typer?
For sure, no hunt and peck gal here!


5.  Red or White Wine?
 Oh, it has to be this kind and dry wine!


Now on to the party....

Today happens to be Xmas Dolly's birthday and we are rockin' out tunes just for her day.  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy are missed!

Grandma and I at a Red Hat Meeting

Today would have been my Grandma's 90th birthday. It is hard to believe that she has been gone since April...two months, where has it gone already.

I miss her so much.  I would so love to plop a big ole cake in front of her and smother her with gifts.  Most of all give her chocolate and orange slices. Oh, but she loved these two things.  Even when she got way to old, she still wanted chocolate. There was some in the drawer beside her bed when she passed.

She loved birthdays and having fun.  The photo I have on my page to the right is on one of her birthdays. I gave her that silly crown she wore but she wore it proudly. She was the Queen Mum after all and presided at Red Hat meetings always.  I liked being in her court. 

Well, Grandma, Happy 90th birthday. I am thinking of you and miss you as all your family misses you too.

Peace...Naila Moon

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Wow!!! I just reached 90 followers of my wee little blog. Thank you so much for coming by. I appreciate each and everyone of you!!!
Peace...Naila Moon

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Me Monday-June 6th and Music Moves Me

It is that time again when you get to find out a little about me and I get to find out a little about you. Head on over to Java's Place at Never Growing Old to find out more.

Once you are done there, rock out with me (my video is below) and Xmas Dolly on her Music Moves Me page.

Have a great week! ~Naila Moon

1.  What is was the last piece of candy that you ate?
Honestly, I do not eat that much candy. If it was chocolate, then it was this:

2.  Do you "read" in the bathroom?

Well, not really. Sometimes I would take a magazine and leave it in there and maybe read it over time.

3.  I can't stand when someone _________?

Chomps their food! OMGSH, it drives me batty!

4.  Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?

Actually, I am a bi-weekly grocery shopper. Tamirisc gets paid bi-weekly so that is when we go. I may go for a quick trip in between if we need something.


Now let's rock! This week, it is a "freebie" week and I am in a Queen kind of mood! Usually, I only post one video but this week it has to be two! Rock on!  Peace....