Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just stuck there!

Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head and no matter what you do, you simply cannot get it out?
This has been going on this week for me.  It seems once I think I have one out of the o' brain, another one pops in or the same one a hour later.

Here is the one that has bugged me this week. What about you? Post a video or song title if you wish.
Peace...Naila Moon


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Excitment in the air

Today was one of those days that you just wanted to jump for joy.  

My daughter for awhile now (about a year) has been living out of a motel with one of her best friends. The reason this occurred is absolutely ridiculous and actually too tedious to even get in to. Let's just say though, the circumstances for it to have happened hurt her feelings quite a bit. Needless to say, I have been nothing but worried for her since it did occur.  The fact is, being that I was 3 states away from her, I could not do much for her either. sigh....

But then, that brings me to today.  

A little while ago I noticed on FB that she exclaimed "I HAVE A HOME!"  I immediately called her to listen to her good news and sure enough she did.

Oh but her new home is not some dinky apartment. Oh no! It is a 3 bedroom, two bath, with a fireplace, walk in closets, jacuzzi tub, his and her sinks...the works.  Here is the kicker too. She and her friend are only paying a little over $600.  Can you believe it?

She deserves this because she has worked hard and dealt with a lot of stuff to get here.

She moves tomorrow! ;-)

Peace...Naila Moon

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes enough is enough! Pass the Tylenol!

You know, sometimes it seems like life just hands you stuff over and over and it seems like it will never, ever end!

Since January 29th, my life has just been absolutely crazy.  To start things off my husband being hit by a car. Not even two days later my son was in a car wreck and subsequently fell on the ice not yet two days after that.

This past Friday, my daughter was in a scheduled surgery for kidney stone removal and stent removal. The surgery went fine for the most part except they left one stone (the size of a plum) in her because it would not release itself. The other stone she had (which by the way was the same size) they were able to remove.  Idiots!

Anyway, she went to work today but has now returned to the ER because she is in massive pain. Hmm...ya think?

Needless to say, even as I blog, she has now been admitted and is on pain management and being scheduled for surgery!

The kicker in all of this...I am 3 states away and cannot be there for her. In fact no one is there and I have been chatting with her over FB and text.  What is a Mom to do when she cannot be there for her child? Gah!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and of course if that is not enough, I still have my Dad's issue looming in the back of my brain. Oh yeah, and trying to go to school.

Pass me the Tylenol please, I have had enough!

~Naila Moon

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cupid? Not Tomorrow!

In the past Valentine’s Day was not something I really wanted to celebrate. I was divorced for years and seeing other couples happy simply depressed me.
This is not to say that I was not happy for them. ( I am not the jealous type) Oh no, I was just not happy being alone or without someone in my life.  I of course was not untypical for I encountered (and continue to do so) many women that felt the same way. In fact I have met several men that have felt the same way as well.
Anyway, getting back to Valentine’s Day…a few years back my daughter and  I discovered the Anti-Valentine’s Day movement.  It was for those that did not have a significant other but also in direct protest of the card and flower industry that make millions on this day.
Love should be celebrated every day of the year. Right?
We decided not to give out Valentine’s Day cards, buy chocolate, buy flowers or anything that day and even though both of us now have someone in our life, we still don’t.  Instead, we celebrate the day before, the day after or maybe the next week.
My husband thought I was crazy last year when I told him to please not get me anything but to wait until a couple days later. He ACTUALLY agreed and two days later took me to get a discounted bear. LOL  It was wonderful and I loved him for it.
As I agreed to do a blog Valentine’s exchange,  I had to stay true to self.  So, as you can see, this is posted BEFORE Valentine’s Day . Who knows I might change my mind next year.
I wish you a lovely day. I will see you in two days. 
Peace...Naila Moon

Friday, February 11, 2011

Missing stuff?

Have you ever started a project and there were several parts to the project and you find out that you are missing parts?

Well, I was working on this fantastic blog this evening that would absolutely would have mesmerized you. OK, Ok, it MIGHT have interested you but none-the-less it was ready to blog.  The only problem was I could not find the photos to go with the blog!

I know I took them. I know I downloaded them. I even know I put them in a folder (somewhere).  However, they have gone missing.

What is a girl to do?  

It is not like I can call 911.
Police: Colorado Police how may I help you?
Me: I want to report a crime? 
Police:Please describe them Mam. (by the way, when did I become a "Mam")
Me: I am missing my photos off of my computer. How am I supposed to use them for my fabulous blog I am writing if I can't find them?
Police: (dead silence) 
Police:Mam, this is not an emergency.
Me: But I....
Police: (click)


Seriously, ever have this happen to you? ;-) sigh...
Peace...Naila Moon

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Received award-thank you!

A lovely lady and fellow Coloradan came by to tell me she was awarding me this blog award. She follows my blogs (as I follow hers). If you have not met her, please go by and say hi. Colorado-The Becker's 
Thank you Shawn!

Apparently to receive the award I must blog 7 things about myself and then pass it on to others.


1. I am the oldest of 4 in my family. I am the only girl. In my Mom's family, she is the oldest of 5 and the only girl. Both of our families had twin brothers.

2. I own 8 puppets as I used to be on a puppet team. (I hope to return when I move.)

3. I was scared to ride the city bus when I first moved here. I would go NOWHERE without my husband. (After all, I am a country girl.)

4. I sucked my thumb until I was 12.

5. I hate my finger nails.

6. I have been to 48 states and 3 countries.

7. I have been known to interpret dreams for other people.

Ok, now to pass this on to others:

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There are certainly more awesome blogs I follow and follow me. Thank you to everyone. All of you rock!

Peace...Naila Moon

Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Is Like A Rubix's Cube!

Hello everyone,
As you can see my blog (and the other 4 have now been returned). There was no explanation for the disappearance as there has been none for the reappearance. Anyway, I am quite happy about it.
So, have you ever played with a Rubix's cube? If you have, you know that just as it seems you are about to solve the puzzle, Wham!, it doesn't work the way you thought.

Well, life is like that and the hubby and I were certainly hit with an unexpected. This past weekend my husband was only a block from our condo when he was hit by a car as he was crossing the street.
The driver did stop and called 911 which is actually to our amazement.

My husband broke his foot in two places, several ribs, and his scapula. In addition, he has several cuts and bruises. He is not weight bearing and cannot be for 6 weeks!
I am most grateful that he was not hurt more or worse killed.

(Two days later, my son was in a car accident when he hit black ice. Two days after that he fell on the ice and re-injured the shoulder he hurt in the car accident.  My uncle also fell on the ice yet two more days later.)

The kicker was that we were preparing for my hubby to leave here, tomorrow, Feb. 5th and start a new job on Monday in Missouri. He had just landed this job and we were excited at being able to be close to family. (by the way, my son was to be his transportation)

Fortunately, the job was VERY understanding and has promised to still offer him the job but at a later date. He now has to report on April 4th. I will join him only a month later.

Until then, we have no income to speak of as his job here he had already quit as of Wed.  The good thing though, is we have not done our taxes yet and can hopefully live off of that until he can return to work.

Yep, life is like a Rubix's cube but if you are patient enough it can be solved.  How was your week?

Peace...Naila Moon