Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes enough is enough! Pass the Tylenol!

You know, sometimes it seems like life just hands you stuff over and over and it seems like it will never, ever end!

Since January 29th, my life has just been absolutely crazy.  To start things off my husband being hit by a car. Not even two days later my son was in a car wreck and subsequently fell on the ice not yet two days after that.

This past Friday, my daughter was in a scheduled surgery for kidney stone removal and stent removal. The surgery went fine for the most part except they left one stone (the size of a plum) in her because it would not release itself. The other stone she had (which by the way was the same size) they were able to remove.  Idiots!

Anyway, she went to work today but has now returned to the ER because she is in massive pain. Hmm...ya think?

Needless to say, even as I blog, she has now been admitted and is on pain management and being scheduled for surgery!

The kicker in all of this...I am 3 states away and cannot be there for her. In fact no one is there and I have been chatting with her over FB and text.  What is a Mom to do when she cannot be there for her child? Gah!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and of course if that is not enough, I still have my Dad's issue looming in the back of my brain. Oh yeah, and trying to go to school.

Pass me the Tylenol please, I have had enough!

~Naila Moon


  1. Too much for one persons plate. I will keep you, and your family, in my prayers.


  2. I love it...Great job! I just love decorating the blog and there are so many sites that have free templates!

  3. BTW, I thought of you when I visited the site "cute &cool" Blog Stuff. She might have some backgrounds that you would like.

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. This is a really difficult time. I can see from this post that you are well acquainted with difficult times. I hope that all of your family members are fully recovered.


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