Sunday, October 14, 2018

Boo-ya! #MondaysMusicMovesMe #CryptKeeper #Halloween #music

Hello, you boo-tiful people! I am creeping out of the crypt today to hang out with a friend but before I do, I want to share Monday's Music Moves Me with you. I know it is Sunday but I am posting early so not to miss it.

Those fine creep-eeze...I mean the 4M's co-host this dance floor every Monday. You should know them by now: Xmas Dolly, Cathy, Stacy, Callie, and Alana are fabulous!
This week is a freebie week which is great for me as I spin the tunes of Halloween all month long. Make sure you link up below to follow along with others today.

This week I am beginning my homage to ghost or ghostly.
My first selection is from the well-known singer, Michael Jackson. This song, however, is not as well known for his repertoire. Here Michael is a ghost with epic dancing that he is so well-known for. Michael Jackson in "Ghost"

This last one I just had to add because the video is so ridiculous it made me laugh but this upbeat disco version of the song will be quite familiar. I give you the freaky ghosts of "Ghost Busters"!

See you this week with ghostly music and matters.

Your Crypt Keeper,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Friday, October 12, 2018

The Week of the WItch Continues. #Halloween #music #CryptKeeper

*Cackles* Welcome back my ghoulish fiends. This week in the crypt I have been spinning the tunes about the witches. I missed out yesterday as I found myself being awful sleepy. Could it have been a spell put on me? Nah!

So to strike up a match under the cauldron, let me start out with this first song about a "Witches Rave"
This singer is new to me but he has an upbeat song that is pretty good. He is singing about missing out on the rave.

Rave: a lively party or gathering involving dancing and drinking

This next song has the subject in the title, "The Swamp Witch". Jim Stafford does not sing through the song but rather talks to music. The music has a throwback rockabilly sound to it. The video was made independently but goes quite well with the song. 
This is a song of a witch who gets accused and then is welcomed by a town near the swamp.

Bonus song because I missed yesterday.

This final song of the day is by a Native American band named Redbone. The beginning of the song has the guitar player playing with a drumstick. He makes the guitar sing as much as the song does. 

This song tells the tale of a witch in New Orleans who has potions of many people see her for but ultimately, she disappears.

Have a great evening. Leave me a comment on which (witch) song you like the most.

Your Crypt Keeper,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Day 10 #CryptKeeper #Halloween #Music

Welcome to back to my crypt. This week I have welcomed the witches into the crypt to take a spin or two around the room. I am honoring them by playing a couple of tunes each day they can dance to.

I did not realize how late in the evening it was but that is okay, I hear they like to dance by the light of the moon. hee hee...

My first selection is an oldie by a crooner who could bewitch you just looking into his eyes. I am talking about none other than Frank Sinatra, who sings about none other than, "Witchcraft"

Wrapping it up for the night, if you are in love, you can always call the "Witch Doctor" for what to do.

Goodnight, sweet dreams from your Crypt Keeper,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Which Witch Is Witch? #Halloween #Music #CryptKeeper Day 9

Hello, it is I, your most lovely Crypt Keeper, Michelle aka Naila Moon. It is another full week of Halloween music and I am spinning the tunes about witches.

This month the season for the witches and how appropriate I would have a song with the same title. In fact, this time I have three different versions. I have the original by Donovan.

Then I have this one by Joan Jett.

And finally, this version by John 5 who is totally new to me. If you like heavy metal you will like him.

Which version did you like most? Tell me in comment.

See you tomorrow.
Cackling yours,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Monday's #Music Moves Me In A Snap! #CryptKeeper #Halloween

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Welcome back to my spook-tacular blog. It is time for Monday's Music Moves Me with those fab-boo-less ghouls, Xmas Dolly, Cathy, Alana, Callie, and Stacy. 

Today they have a theme but as you know, I am posting Halloween music so, I try to incorporate their themes with my spooky music. It so happens, their theme this week is "Snaps or Clap." I am working on the theme of witches.

What better way to incorporate my first song that with the snaps of Morticia.

This next song does not meet my theme per se but for sure the 4M's and still keeping with the overall Halloween theme. I do love a good light show. This is appropriately called, "Handclap"

Make sure you link up your music with the 4M gals and tune in tomorrow as I continue on with my daily Halloween musical postings.  Don't forget to leave me a comment too.

Your Crypt Keeper,
Michelle aka Naila Moon  

Classic #Halloween Thriller! #CryptKeeper #music

Hello again! I missed a couple of days because I have been on grandbaby watch. My daughter is pregnant and she went into labor two days ago. She is too early and so they were watching here and trying to stop labor.  They managed to do so but are still on alert. I am excited to welcome another grandbaby to our family but we still need to wait just a little bit.

So forgive me for not posting Halloween music. However, I am here today and finishing up the week of monsters and zombies with the classic from Michael Jackson.

Enjoy and stay tuned later on this evening because Monday's Music Moves Me is right around the corner.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

B-R-A-I-N-S!!!! #Zombies #Halloween #Music Day 4 #CryptKeeper

One of the things I love about music is its total diversity. Seriously, there is something for everyone unless you live under a rock. This is true for Halloween music too.

Today I am spinning tunes about zombies. I find zombies fascinating even though they might want to eat my brains! Ha! Zombies come from all walks of, dead and so does the music about them.

This first song is hardcore rock. I have not heard of the group before but I did enjoy rocking out with them. I hope you do too.  Here is Wednesday 13 with, "I Walked With  A Zombie"

This next song is by the group HorrorPop. They have a funky mix of sound that truly makes this song fun. The song is all about acceptance. She enjoys the fact the person she is singing about is a zombie.
"Walk Like A Zombie" resonates with me.

Stay tuned for more music to make your toes curl!
Your Crypt Keeper,
Michelle aka Naila Moon

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Watch Out For the Monsters! #CryptKeeper #Halloween #music

Hello, again boils and ghouls! I am moving on to day 3 of creep-tastic music for Halloween.
This week I am working on monsters and zombies. Today's selections are new to me but very different.

The first song speaks about the monster growing within himself. This is not necessarily "Halloween-ish" but fits. Here is Imagine Dragons with "Monster"

This second song is a hilarious take on the monster, Freddy Kreuger, complete with scenes from the Nightmare movie. The singer is quite familiar, Will Smith, along with his long-time friend, DJ Jazzy Smith. Here is "Nightmare On My Street"

Enjoy and see you tomorrow.

Howling at the moon!
Michelle, Crypt Keeper

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

#Halloween Music Day 2 #CryptKeeper

Hey ya, all! I am a bit late for day two today but sometimes, that is just how I have to roll. For those new to my blog, I always do 31 days of something to celebrate the Fall/Halloween season. This year as I have done in the past is to post each day one or two songs related to Halloween.

This week's postings are all about monsters and zombies. So, on this rainy night, let me spin this tune for you. This tune may not sound like what we would traditionally think of as Halloween music but the drops in music are eerie. This is a new piece to me and I want to share it with you. I give you..."Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits."

See you tomorrow.
Michelle aka Naila Moon, Crypt Keeper 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

31 Days of #Halloween Music #MondaysMusicMovesMe #CryptKeeper

Hello everyone and welcome all Crypt Keepers to my blog. As in years past, October is the time of year when I spin the tunes of all things Halloween. This year is no different.
As it turns out, since it is Monday's Music Moves Me, the gals are having a freebie day. Whoot!

So, let's start out with a few fun tunes for the 2018 Halloween season.

Let's start off with...a spell? From Screamin' Jay Hawkins...

Watch out as the days go by because the living dead have arrived.

All for now...make sure you link up!
Michelle, Crypt Keeper