Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song...8/1/13

Hello everyone and welcome back to Thankful Thursday and a song.
I am sorry that I missed you all last week. It was the weekend before I realized I even forgot to post.

This Friday I am finally getting to fly back to Missouri to see my kids and grand-kids. I am getting more excited by the minute. I have not even met my new grandson so that even makes it more special.

Around here in our apartment complex it has simply been loud! I mean really loud with construction going on. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful for our apartment and just the sheer fact I can hear anything.

However, I am so looking forward to the sounds of toddler giggles, babbling babies and adult conversations with my kids. It has been over a year since I have seen them and I cannot be more grateful than be able to go see them.

What are you grateful for this week? Tell me in comments and I will come visit you.

Naila Moon

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Giveaway Announcement: Please tell them I sent you. Thanks!

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Giveaway: Bed Buddy Penetrating Back Wrap

Remember me talking about the Bed Buddy Back Wrap? Go HERE to review.
Well, I am happy to announce that Carex Health Brands is generously giving away one of my lucky readers that same item! Whoo hoo!

Enter in the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Review of Deep Penetrating Back Wrap from Bed Buddy

Disclosure: I received a free Back Wrap product from the Carex Health Brands for my open and honest review. Opinions are 100% my own.
(For this review my husband was my model but he and I both have used the product.)
Not too long ago I received another product from Carex Health Brands to review. This time the company sent me the Deep Penetrating Back Wrap.

I told them that my husband and I both suffer from back issues. The pain I have had in my back before has been almost down right debilitating. Seriously, what harm could it do to try this out.

As you can see in the photo above, the wrap is large and wide so it will fit around a larger frame like myself. The velcro belt that is attached helps to adjust to larger or smaller frames as well.

 The belt easily attaches itself to the Back Wrap without any issues.

The nice thing about the Back Wrap is that you can put it in the freezer for those times you need a cold pack but you must remember to put it in a plastic bag and freeze it over night.

If you need a hot pack you can put it in the microwave. You only heat it for a total of 1 minute and 15 seconds. So, you are not waiting in agony that long!  The only issue I had with it was that when using it in the microwave we constantly had to re-heat it because it would cool quickly. It does fold easily to do so.

According to Bed Buddy Back Wrap it is beneficial for:

  • Arthritis
  • Sore Muscles
  • Joint Stiffness
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sports Injury
  • Warming Up
It is also reusable, contains 100% natural materials, easy and safe to use.

I can in all honesty say that it does help relieve sore muscles and some pain from arthritis which I do have. I like that it is made from natural materials and for sure safe.
Overall, a very nice product and one that  I recommend.

Find them on Facebook.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...7/29/13

Welcome back to the last Monday in July 2013. It just does not seem at all possible does it?

As it is Monday that means that it is also Mondays Music hosted by Xmas Dolly with co-host, Cathy and Callie. Stacy is taking hiatus and guess who has stepped for a bit? Any guesses?
Ok,! lol  I hope I can keep up filling in for her!

Spotlight Dancers

The Spotlight Dancer this week is...Becca!

This week we have a theme. Since it is nearing the end of Summer (sigh) the theme appropriately is Summertime Songs.  Let's put on your flip flops and get dancing!

Note: I took a little liberties with this theme and its interpretation.

First up:Totally new to me but I like him!

Next up: Here in CO, in the Summer, it is not unusual to see people on the street trying to make a buck. Often they are playing a guitar or something. This song reminds me of that.


Finally: This one will get you boppin' on outta here to the beach. Have a good week!

~Naila Moon

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wordless Wed. Sort Of 7/24/13

Earlier this month my Mother came to visit.
As we do not have a car, we had to travel by public transportation. I took a photo of us on the bus. I obviously was having a bad hair day.
Do you think we look alike?
~Naila Moon

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...7/22/13

Hello one and all. Welcome back to Monday and another issue of Mondays Music or what we call, The 4M's.  As always it is hosted by Xmas Dolly and the train crew of Cathy, Callie and Stacy.

Speaking of Stacy...she will be taking a hiatus for a short time after this week. She has got to move and well, if you have ever moved, you know that can be a hassle.  Anyway, we will miss you until you come back.

Our Spotlight Dancer this week is: Mike of Mike's Place. Congrats!

Spotlight Dancers

As this is a freebie week, you get to listen to my picks and I will come and check out yours.
Although I am not generally one to listen to country, I am in that frame of mind. So, let's go!

First up: I am dedicating this one to Stacy.

Next up: This next one is a bit dark but I love how she varies her work in music.

Next: This next performer my children's Uncle used to drive for. Their Great-Grandmother also worked for him.

And this one: Their Uncle also drove for this duo.

Finally: This one is long but fun and a great way to end this edition of 4M's this week.

~Naila Moon

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello everyone! Somewhere in the world it is already Friday so let's get this party started for the weekend. Shall we?

There are numerous people to follow and friend so, link up and enjoy the fun!  I usually check out everyone below.

This week I am playing along with Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So on Fridays Kailani takes it easy on posting and just asks one question! So go link up and check out the other blogs that participate at An Island Life and ask your own question.

This week they are asking what is your favorite dessert.

 Well....that would be....

Cherry Vanilla
Cherry Vanilla -Yummy!
(does not have to be Breyers per se)

My question: If a person sees through rose colored glasses, what does a person named Rose see through?

Have a great weekend. Link ups below.
~Naila Moon

Reading Challenge Addict

Thankful Thursday and A Song...7/18/13

Today is going to be a short post partly because I am cruising in here so late but also because it is a beautiful day and gazing outside at the beautiful day seems to be in order. Maybe that is why I am late?


So, I have mentioned before that sometimes it is the little things we forget to be grateful for. Those things could be the morning kiss of  a significant other, a child doing the dishes without being told to do or maybe the sweet little song of a bird out the window.

I feel like we take so much of those things for granite and we shouldn't because they too can be some of the most precious thing in life.

For me today it is the clear blue sky and having my wonderful hubby home today. Ah, life is grand!

I am not going to have a link up just leave me a comment and I will come visit. Have a great afternoon!
~Naila Moon

1 to 1 offer

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At their website they’re holding a contest with a chance to win a $1,000 College Scholarship.  You know what they say if you don’t enter, you won’t win!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...7/15/13

It's Monday and time to rock out with the music train crew of Xmas Dolly. She is co-hosted with Callie, Cathy, Stacie and I am along for the ride too as honorary co-host. Let's rock, shall we?

Our Spotlight Dancer this week is: Denise of "Run DMT"

Spotlight Dancers

This week we have a theme and that is music videos featuring celebrities in them. Dolly says that can include theme songs from movies too as they have celebrities in them. I like her wisdom! hee hee

First up: Classic! The song, Bob Seger's, "Old Time Rock and Roll"

Next up: The song, Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell"

Moving along with this one: The song, Solomon Burke's, "Everybody Needs Somebody"

Finally: The song,  Chuck Berry's, "Johnny Be Good"

Make sure you link up and check out everyone else if at all possible and follow. Thanks.
Have a good week.
~Naila Moon

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday/F Words and Ask Me Something

Freaky Dog

Hey there! Yeah, you!

It is Friday Free For All or Friday Follow or Friday Funnies or Friday Whatever somewhere here in this great big cyber place we call the net to become friends.

I used to have Friday Faces but frankly I have so many followers that it would be until 5 years from now, probably on a Friday before I featured you. So, I will not being doing that anymore. Well, maybe.

Are you almost "F-d" out from all those "F's"? No, not the "F" word, just the "F" words. You know, like above.

Ok, ok....let's finally get to the point here.

It's Friday, I follow you, you follow me, we all are a big happy family. Ugh...Barney!

Anyway, as I was saying you link up and follow and I will follow back. Simple as that.

Oh and one more thing. Since, this is Friday and forgetting myself, I want to institute Friday Ask Me Anything. Why not?

I know, I know other fabulous people do it too. Why not me?

So, link up follow me, ask me something and I follow you. Got it? Good!

Happy Friday!
~Naila Moon

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song

I was wondering today about the differences in people. Some people seem so happy all the time and full of life and wonderment. Others on the other hand seem in a constant loop of depression, anger or disgust of their fellow human beings.

It is not to say that I do not have down days because I do. I just do not get being upset at everything all the time. We have so much time on this Earth, after that, we are gone. Shouldn't are life be of fulfillment even if life seem sucky? We can find happiness even in the midst of a storm.

Today I am just simply thankful for being able to wake up in the morning (or sometimes afternoon hee hee) and look forward to what the day may bring. It is the surprise in life.

I am sharing a video today with you that I discovered. This woman certainly could be down considering her situation but she isn't. She is just living life with what it is right now.

Be happy, be thankful.
~Naila Moon

PS>Link up after the video.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mondays Music...7/7/13

Oh Monday is here. Ring the bells, dump over some trash cans, cause havoc or play along with me today for Mondays Music Moves Me. *grins*

As always, this fun meme is hosted by the lovely Xmas Dolly assisted by Callie, Stacy, Cathy and along for the ride again this month is me!

Our Spotlight Dancer of the week is: Time Out For Mom. Congrats!

Spotlight Dancers

This week is a freebie week which means I get to subject you, I mean, you get to see what I like.
Usually, I have some sort of theme in mind but today, I have nothing...really, nothing at all.

Hmm....this should be interesting.

First up: You ever have that one song that just will not go away. Yeah, my hubby has a song over at his blog that got stuck in my brain. Thanks a lot for posting it today too. (Make sure you visit his blog too.)

Next: This is really random but I totally like it. I do not get his tie though.

Next up: I was one year old when this came out. *chuckles*

How about this one: Can you dance to it?

Finally: As if, this post was not random enough, let me finish with this today.

Wow, now that was random. I have a headache...pass me the Tylenol.
~Naila Moon

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Acer Laptop Giveaway & Tutoring

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WHOO HOO!!!  I finally figured out the problem that was causing my blog to be all crazy!
It took me forever but I finally did it! Go me!

So, apparently I can not not use enough exclamation points to show how happy I am that I fixed this problem. Here are some more!!!! LOL

~Naila Moon

Saturday, July 6, 2013

What the heck?

So, apparently something has gone completely wonky with my blog.
I have tried almost everything I can do other than taking a chisel and hammer to the dang thing.

I have giveaways on here too and you can enter them. It seems through the back door though. I have a giveaway page up at the top...see it...go through that to the pages.

I have already contacted Blogger help but...well, ya know...

It is only with this blog. Please be patient. I will get this fixed.
~Naila Moon

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song

Hello everyone and Happy July 4th to those of us in the states.
As today happens to also fall on my thankful Thursday post, I bet you can guess what I am most thankful for today.

Even with all the problems our country has faced over the past few years and some that continue today, I prefer to live in this country more than anywhere in the world. There are many things that make this country great.

I love its parks, its beauty, the monuments, the history and many other things in between. Most of all, I love that we are a free society. We may argue and fuss but we have that right to do so. We have the right to say what we think and feel but at the same time, with that given right we need to show respect to those others of us that do not agree with us. Even still, we all live in the same country and out freedoms is what makes us great. We need to remember that.

So, today, I am grateful for being born and living in the USA, to be free and to those who served and are serving to keep us that way.

Link up below and I will come visit. Happy 4th!

Peace, Naila Moon

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Giveaway: Maui Jim North Sunglasses

A Ladybug on the Go
Maui Jim North Point Sunglasses (A.L.L. Review)
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Hosted by:
A Ladybug on the Go

I tend to wear sunglasses all year long. I have several pair tucked here and there. I love having them and they are pretty much a staple for any of my wardrobe.

That is why I was happy to bring this giveaway for Maui Jim North Point Sunglasses to you.

Maui Jim is anything but poor quality!  "In 2004, PolarizedPlus®2 technology revolutionized the sunglass market - patented, color-enhancing treatments in the form of rare earth elements were added to our lenses to really pop the colors your eye takes in."

"Our “ohana” (Hawaiian for family) is passionate about creating the best sunglasses on the planet. Because at the end of the day, we want to see the world at its best - and we know that you do, too, no matter where you live. "

"Make Our Own Network" solely organized this event and I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own or even those stated in this post. Naila Moon @Just The Stuff Ya Know  is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.
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Review of Dr. Scholl's Gel Insoles For Her

I have to ride public transportation when I go anywhere. That means walking to and from my apartment to the bus stop and then sometimes standing and waiting for the bus. Then I might have to walk a few blocks to get where I am going.

For this it means tired and achy feet. By the time I get home, I am just wanting to pop my shoes off and rub my feet. So getting a chance to review Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles For Women was a win-win for me.

Recently, I went to a local parade that was downtown from my apartment. Of course I had to ride the bus there but as stated before that means walking to the bus and a time of waiting. Then once I was at the parade it was three hours long of standing on my feet while floats and bands went by.

Usually, I would be sitting down on a curb somewhere because my feet would be hurting too bad to stand that long. Not this time though! I was able to not only stand the whole time but also walked around for another couple of hours. The best part is, my feet did not hurt when I got home. They actually were in pure ahhh. Amazing!

Now, the only other thing I have to say about these was that I did not feel what I would consider 'massaging' but the comfort from those blue gel insole that I felt by wearing them was surely bliss. I would definitely recommend them.

Disclosure: I am a BzzAgent and as part of a campaign on behalf of Dr. Scholl's I received this product free for review. The views expressed here are 100% my own.        

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mondays Music...July 1st

Good morning and happy July 1st! Can you believe it?  Life is just moving right along.

As it is always on Mondays, it is time for Mondays Music Moves Me with our lovely host, Xmas Dolly backed up with those musical swinging gals, Stacy, Cathy and Callie. Oh yeah, and there is me! I am held over for another month to co-host. Whoot!

Congrats to our Spotlight Dancer, Doglady's Den.

Spotlight Dancers

We have a theme that was picked out by none other that my hubby, which is "funny songs".
Let's do this!

First up:
Maybe we should not make fun of people who have fears but seriously...

Next up:
This next entry is by the same artist. I have to say, it is truly epic.

This guy is the epitome of nut case and sometimes funny too.

Now, you all know I love anything that has to do with the Muppets. This one had me rolling with laughter. Note: Make sure you turn on the captions!

Have a good and fun week. Happy 4th if I do not see you before then.
Oh and come back tomorrow for Tuesdays Talk.
~Naila Moon