Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday and A Song...7/18/13

Today is going to be a short post partly because I am cruising in here so late but also because it is a beautiful day and gazing outside at the beautiful day seems to be in order. Maybe that is why I am late?


So, I have mentioned before that sometimes it is the little things we forget to be grateful for. Those things could be the morning kiss of  a significant other, a child doing the dishes without being told to do or maybe the sweet little song of a bird out the window.

I feel like we take so much of those things for granite and we shouldn't because they too can be some of the most precious thing in life.

For me today it is the clear blue sky and having my wonderful hubby home today. Ah, life is grand!

I am not going to have a link up just leave me a comment and I will come visit. Have a great afternoon!
~Naila Moon

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