Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...7/22/13

Hello one and all. Welcome back to Monday and another issue of Mondays Music or what we call, The 4M's.  As always it is hosted by Xmas Dolly and the train crew of Cathy, Callie and Stacy.

Speaking of Stacy...she will be taking a hiatus for a short time after this week. She has got to move and well, if you have ever moved, you know that can be a hassle.  Anyway, we will miss you until you come back.

Our Spotlight Dancer this week is: Mike of Mike's Place. Congrats!

Spotlight Dancers

As this is a freebie week, you get to listen to my picks and I will come and check out yours.
Although I am not generally one to listen to country, I am in that frame of mind. So, let's go!

First up: I am dedicating this one to Stacy.

Next up: This next one is a bit dark but I love how she varies her work in music.

Next: This next performer my children's Uncle used to drive for. Their Great-Grandmother also worked for him.

And this one: Their Uncle also drove for this duo.

Finally: This one is long but fun and a great way to end this edition of 4M's this week.

~Naila Moon


  1. awesome choices, especially the last one.

  2. I enjoyed them who doesn't like a bit of Dolly ;-)

    Have a dollytastic week

  3. Great send off for Stacy with her big move out west. lol I loved the skit with Dolly & Carol! I use to watch the Carol Burnett show all the time when I was a kid. They just don't have anything like that on TV today period. Boy, I sure do miss good ole shows like that, don't you? Well, it was fabulous to join you on the dance floor another week, my friend. You rock!

  4. Nice send off to Stacy. So enjoyed the Dolly and Carol video, so much fun :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  5. Oh Naila..You should know by now I just love Roy and Dale but Dolly and Carol was just the best! Dolly Parton and Carol Burnette are true originals. All the picks were marvelous! A great send off for Stacy.

  6. Loved your choices! On our trip, we had satellite radio in our rental. We enjoyed so much listening to the country music, and I got to hear all of my favorite Dolly Parton songs again. I,too, loved the Dolly & Carol one.

  7. AHAHAHAHAHA! You are too much, Naila! And by 'too much', I mean AWESOME! :) Thanks so much for the fun send-off! I loved all your choices - especially Carol Burnett! There's no one like her! :) I'll be looking forward to getting this move over and done with so I can get back to dancing with my friends again - September 9th! (with an attempt at a Arnold accent): I'll be back. ;)

    Tie It Up with True Love because it’s Sunny and 75 but I Hope It Rains!

  8. Girl, you're not going to believe this, but I have that yellow record from when I was a little girl. I use to love Roy Rodgers & Dale Evans. hehehe You know you had me when you Posted my Carrie. Gotta love her! Oh goodness I wonder how Randy Travis is doing since he was put in the hospital & the Judds dang look at those two! They're so young there & thinner! I never could hear the mama! Oh well, my favorite is definitely Dolly & the infamous Carol Burnett! FABULOUS PICKINS!!! hehehehehehe YOUR ROCKIN' THE HOUSE GIRLFRIEND!

  9. Happy Trails -- awesome pick for Stacey.
    There's just something so immensely likable about Randy Travis, isn't there.
    Dolly and Carol Burnett!!! that was fabulous.

  10. Love Happy Trails! Van Halen covered it on Diver Down, too.


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