Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...7/29/13

Welcome back to the last Monday in July 2013. It just does not seem at all possible does it?

As it is Monday that means that it is also Mondays Music hosted by Xmas Dolly with co-host, Cathy and Callie. Stacy is taking hiatus and guess who has stepped for a bit? Any guesses?
Ok,! lol  I hope I can keep up filling in for her!

Spotlight Dancers

The Spotlight Dancer this week is...Becca!

This week we have a theme. Since it is nearing the end of Summer (sigh) the theme appropriately is Summertime Songs.  Let's put on your flip flops and get dancing!

Note: I took a little liberties with this theme and its interpretation.

First up:Totally new to me but I like him!

Next up: Here in CO, in the Summer, it is not unusual to see people on the street trying to make a buck. Often they are playing a guitar or something. This song reminds me of that.


Finally: This one will get you boppin' on outta here to the beach. Have a good week!

~Naila Moon


  1. Great job my friend~ I'm totally feeling the heat~! :)

  2. Great songs for summer! I have always been a fan of Credence.

  3. Excellent choices haven't heard Down On The Corner for ages brought back fond memories ;-)

  4. Jason Issacs new-to-me, too. I enjoyed his bluezy tone in Summertime. CCR really rocks down the house! I just love Down on the Corner! Will Smith is the only rapper I not only understand, but am not offended to listen to. lol You put up some really cool tunes to celebrate the sizzlin' heat of summertime, girl! ;)

    Sizzlin' 2013 Summertime Hits on Monday's Music Moves Me

  5. Will Smith... he is good!! (^-^)/

  6. Love CCR!! Great choices this week :) And you can't go wrong with Will Smith!

  7. When I saw the name Jason Isaacs, I thought it was the actor, but that isn't him. sounds great though.
    LOVE that version of Here Comes the Sun. awesome.
    So glad someone picked Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff - I didn't because I thought we would ALL end up having that song. haha. but is great summer song.

  8. Wow. Dj Jazzy! Haven't heard them in awhile.

    Take all the liberties you want dahlin' tis summer! It's supposed to be fun!

    Thanks for rocking and sharing!
    Have a fun week!

  9. Excellent picks. Richie Havens looks and sounds like a sweet old soul.



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