Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...the sorta Olympic Version...July 31st


1. Hello all. Have you been watching the games? No, not the Hunger Games...the Olympics!

image source

2. I think we all have favorites. Mine is synchronized swimming. Tell me yours.

3. Did you know I planned to enter the Olympics with this?

4. I thought about hosting an Olympic's event here in my fair town at our local Walmart. It could be called shopping cart races.

5.  Today besides watching on TV, I have been getting ready for the baby shower on Sunday.

6. Did I mention I was hosting it?  I am just glad we chose to have it at a restaurant. Less hassle.

7. I tried my hardest to make a diaper cake. After several failed attempts, it was finally made right with the help of a friend.

Not quite finished

8. Never, ever, EVER, attempt to make a diaper cake.

9. I was able to go with my daughter last week to her ultra-sound.  The baby was doing its own version of the Olympics and would not allow us to see the sex. Hmph...

10. Well, here I am at another quick 10 Thoughts. Stay cool because it is too dang hot out there!

Peace...Naila Moon

Monday's Music Moves Me on Tuesday! Oy!

Hello everyone, I am so, so, SO late with this post. It seems like a perpetual problem for me this last week. I will get better...I will get better...I will...Oh, I will do my best.
So, let's get on with it shall we?

This week we are celebrating 100 post of Monday's Music Moves Me. That's right 100th Anniversary!  Did you play along with the giveaway they were having? I did and guess what, I won! Oh yes, I did! Well, at least I won one of the prizes. hee hee  Congrats to all of the winners!

This week along with celebrating, we have the theme of funny songs. I got that in the bag for you and I hope you like it.

But first...

Next up:

Next up:

Finally on these hot days...just a friendly reminder:

Peace...Naila Moon

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Warning: This blog for 18+...giveaway review

"Don't stop massage candle"

Do you need a little spice in your love life?
Do you need a little vavoom?
Do you want to have some adult fun with your partner of choice?

Then I suggest that you go and enter Xmas Dolly's Eden Fantasy Giveaway.  Hurry though, the giveaway ends on July 29th.

Yes, I did check out the site and yes, they have some very cool and well...interesting stuff too. They are also celebrating their 10th Anniversary with discounts, so, now is as good of time as any.

Honestly, I thought the lingerie was cute and the fact that they offer plus sizes appealed to me too. I also liked that they had bath and body stuff too.

Check it out. You won't be disappointed! Hurry, what are you waiting for. You could be having some fun right now! 

Disclosure: The views expressed here are solely my own. I wrote this blog entry for a chance to win the giveaway from Xmas Dolly and Eden Fantasy. I was in no way compensated by either.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday moved to Wednesday...July 25, 2012


1. Hello all. I know it is Wednesday. I missed Tuesday some how. Ah well. You will forgive me. Right?

2. It has continued to be hot, Hot, HOT here. Again in the 100 pluses. I swear to you I am going to break out my rain stick and start dancing.

3. Anyone want to join me? Did you ever see the video of me dancing in the rain before? 

4. My Mom broke out of a bottle of Merlot just now. Boy does that taste good.

5. We have to drink the whole bottle because we no longer have a full size fridge and it must be drunk or it will waste. Dang, that is tough. lol

6. I do not know if it is the weather or what but I am having a terrible time with Uncle Arthur Itis. He is a real pain!

7. My hands hurt so bad I could just scream. I do everything possible to try to soften the pain but nooooooo.

8. Since my Mom sold the fridge and we have been living out of coolers for the last week, she decided this was not going to do. So, she goes and buys a tiny apartment size fridge. Sometimes, my Mom is a bit nutty.

9. I am not nutty too! Hush, you!

10. Well, I think I should go buy a kiddie pool and lie in it. Hey, I would be cool...or look like a total dork! 

Bonus thoughts:
1. Wow, that went quick. 
2. My mind has been so clouded with the events in CO. I refuse to have that persons name or photo anywhere on my pages. I only want to honor the deceased. Join me in that effort?
3. More wine please!
4. Have a good week!

~Naila Moon

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me...July 23,2012

Hello my friends. It has been difficult to come and blog because the incident in Colorado seems to have weighed on me greatly. However, in my life I have time and time again turned to music to sooth this soul and to also excite this soul. Today is no different.

This week we have a freebie week and because of that I wish to dedicate it to the people who are no longer in our midst and with special dedication to those who perished this past Friday in Colorado.

You are missed loved and remembered.

 Peace...Naila Moon

Facebook page

Let me start with this:



And another:




Spotlight Dancers


Friday, July 20, 2012

In Memory

As many of you know, I am moving back to Colorado soon. My husband is from there. Colorado has had a terrible Summer and it is with a heavy heart to think of the tragic events that occurred last night at the Aurora Theater.
I wish the families a sense of understanding in a non-understood situation and for the victims to rest in peace.

~Naila Moon

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...The dang it's hot addition! /July 17, 2012


1. Hello everyone. If you are just coming to this Tuesday blog then please join in. It is not hard really. Write 10 random thoughts as you think of them and post. By all means grab my thinker button to link back to me. Oh and comment!

2. I love comments! Have you seen this parody on commenting?


3. So, on to other thoughts. Did I mention it was freaking hot! Oh yeah it is! This is what it is right now. It is moving in to the triple digits. See that humidity? Ugh.

7. Yesterday I posted my usual Mondays Music Post. I happened to mention that the singer Barry White was one of the people who passed away. People were surprised. For the record, he passed away on July 4, 2003 of kidney failure.

8. Oh his smooth voice! I wonder how many people have actually made love with his voice in the background. Would you admit it if you had? lol

9. Here is another sample of that smooth sound. I am totally diggin' his music right now.

10. Maybe it is just because I miss my husband so much. I have not seen him in almost two months now. I love you honey!

Peace...Naila Moon

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4M's Giveaway...Have You Been Playing?

It is no secret that I love playing along each week with the meme Mondays Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly with the help of the co-conductors. 


If you follow me at all, you would know that the 4M's as we like to call it around here is right now running a give away to celebrate the upcoming 100th post and you can play too. However, this is the last week you have a chance to play because you must be a follower within at least the last two weeks to have a chance. This is week number 98 so, you get the picture!

You want to join in? I certainly hope so. We would love to see you and rock out with you as well. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the either link above and get started. You know you want to!

Peace...Naila Moon 

Mondays Music Moves Me...Gone But Not Forgotten...July 16, 2012

Hi everyone. It is Monday and time to rock out with Xmas Dolly and the conductors for Mondays Music Moves Me.  This is the 98th posting for the 4M's and in two weeks...YES, TWO WEEKS...we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary posting. Wow!  I hope you have been playing along and of course entering the giveaways too. 

This week we have a theme: "Gone but not forgotten". we are paying homage to all those people who have made the music world but are now not among our midst. Hmm...let's see what I have for you this week.

Most recently this actor passed away but he was also an accomplished musician:

This singer is one of my favorites:

Next up...who hasn't been romanced with this guy singing in the background:

Next...this guy sang with the above two:

Finally...although this guy did not sing himself he helped to promote and jump start many careers. Thanks for the music!

Peace...Naila Moon

Bonus: Les Elgart and Bob Horn were the original music writers of the theme song for Bandstand. Bob Horn was also the original host of American Bandstand as well. Bruce Howard Sussman wrote the lyrics. It was only in 1977 that Barry Manilow rewrote the song.

PSS>This week I also linked up with:

LadyJava's Lounge


 The Unofficial Chart Blog

Friday, July 13, 2012

Saturday Stick People-Episode 6

Hello everyone. It is Saturday and that means it is time for another episode of Saturday Stick People. This is Episode #6, brought to you by those of us that live out in the sticks. ;)

If you want to play along please by all means, have fun. Just make sure you come back and leave me a comment and link so I can come check yours out.

So, for 100 hug points. What do you think I might have been doing this week? 
My stick people picture is really bad but aren't most? *chuckles*

~Naila Moon

Featured Faces Friday...July 13, 2012


Well here it is, another Friday has rolled in with the heat wave.
My time does fly fast around this place!
Since it is Friday, that only means I feature two more of my loyal followers. Are you here?


Bio: "I am a Christian homemaker from North Carolina, married to my marvelous husband Frank ,with a wonderful son & daughter & four lovely granddaughters."

Blogs: My Enchanted Home
Notes:I believe I first met Myrna when she commented on some of my photos but I cannot be sure.  In any case, she followed me right on over to this blog. Make sure you go by her blog. Her photos of different things around her house and fun things she finds are really fantastic.  Thanks for following me Myrna!


Bio: "A renaissance man, and a true desire to achieve the highest artistic quality inspired me to begin my musical career by laying a foundation to grow from..."

Blogs: Introducing Mr. Cool

Notes: I first met Tom through the meme, Mondays Music Moves Me. What he brought to the plate was his sense of own style. Literally! He is a musician in his own right and often posted his own music. His sense of style is apparent in his photo above...after all, he is Mr. Cool...right?!  Tom has taken a hiatus from blogging for awhile but please go over and check out his blog.  Thanks for following me Tom. I hope you come back soon.

Naila Moon

PS>Do not forget to come back tomorrow for Saturday Stick People and for gosh sakes stay cool because man, it is hot out there!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me...July 9, 2012


Hello my friends, coming to you with a late night Mondays Music Moves Me. We are on our 97th week and moving on toward our big celebration of 100 episodes.

This week is freebie week which means I get to pick the tunes sans theme...that is if I want. Hee hee

This week I have been up to my ears in moving boxes as my Mom and I are both moving, she to one state, me to another. It has been a little nuts around here. So, I thought why not do songs about movin'...(little loose interpretation here)

Let's start with my favorites: (hee hee)

On to this one: ( be patient a few minutes because the song is 2nd)

Finally this one:

Peace...Naila Moon

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Stick People-Episode 5

Hello everyone. It is Saturday and that means it is time for another episode of Saturday Stick People. This is Episode #5, brought to you by those of us that live out in the sticks. ;)

If you want to play along please by all means, have fun. Just make sure you come back and leave me a comment and link so I can come check yours out.

So, for 100 hug points. What do you think I might have been doing this week? 

~Naila Moon

Friday, July 6, 2012

Featuring Faces Friday...July 6, 2012



Ms. Stiles

Bio: " I am so thankful for my loving Savior. I am truly bless(ed) to be married to a wonderful husband now of 15 years. We are very best to have three young men we adopted... A chapter in my life was complete when God gave me my husband."

Blog: Butterfly Flutter Isaiah 40:31

Notes: I cannot be sure where I met Ms. Stiles. I believe it was through another blogger. It is possible that we got in touch with each other because she adopted and I could relate on some level as my Dad was adopted. I do know she followed some of my writings. 
In any case, if you want to read about a lady who has gone through some struggles but always has faith then she is the gal for you.  
Thanks for following me.
My Photo
Marie Moody aka Dolly

Bio: "Dolly is a nick-name given to me by my Dad! Life is no game. I take it very seriously. Family is close to me. I'm a W-O-M-A-N, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, NaNee & best friend to my 4 grown kids & 9 grand kids who totally rock! On a serious mission of weight loss, good health, good times, finding new friends, reviewing gadgets, gizmos & thing-a-ma-bobs."

Blog: Xmas Dolly
Notes: Dolly I met when I discovered here meme Monday's Music Moves Me. She began following me through that but it branched out to her following all my blogs. She has over the year become simply a good friend whom I appreciate on many levels.
If you want to find giveaways, music, photos or are on a health journey then this is your gal. You won't be amiss following her!
Thanks Dolly for your friendship. You are a keeper! :)

Peace...Naila Moon

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me...July 2, 2012/Patriotic Songs

Spotlight Dancers

Welcome back to another Monday full of tune. Yes, that is right, it is Mondays Music Moves Me hosted by Xmas Dolly and the Music Train Conductors.
I want to thank Dolly and all of the regular conductors for allowing me this past month to be a Honorary Co-Conductor. I love music and that was so much fun!  I hope to get to do that again sometime.
Having said that, I want to introduce the new Honorary Co-Conductor, Larry from Cake Blast! Hop on board because it is going to be a fun ride!

Also, if you have been playing along, we are counting down to our 100th Anniversary. The 4M's has a giveaway don't forget to enter if you have been playing. This is fantastic! Click on this button to find out what that is all about.

So, this week is theme week and what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with "Patriotic Songs"!  I have some good ones. Enjoy!
~Peace...Naila Moon

Starting off with:

Next: ( I found this one to be interesting because it is written by an Englishman of all people! *grins* )

This one:

And finally, this one: (hee hee)

Peace and Happy 4th of July!
~Naila Moon