Friday, July 6, 2012

Featuring Faces Friday...July 6, 2012



Ms. Stiles

Bio: " I am so thankful for my loving Savior. I am truly bless(ed) to be married to a wonderful husband now of 15 years. We are very best to have three young men we adopted... A chapter in my life was complete when God gave me my husband."

Blog: Butterfly Flutter Isaiah 40:31

Notes: I cannot be sure where I met Ms. Stiles. I believe it was through another blogger. It is possible that we got in touch with each other because she adopted and I could relate on some level as my Dad was adopted. I do know she followed some of my writings. 
In any case, if you want to read about a lady who has gone through some struggles but always has faith then she is the gal for you.  
Thanks for following me.
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Marie Moody aka Dolly

Bio: "Dolly is a nick-name given to me by my Dad! Life is no game. I take it very seriously. Family is close to me. I'm a W-O-M-A-N, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, NaNee & best friend to my 4 grown kids & 9 grand kids who totally rock! On a serious mission of weight loss, good health, good times, finding new friends, reviewing gadgets, gizmos & thing-a-ma-bobs."

Blog: Xmas Dolly
Notes: Dolly I met when I discovered here meme Monday's Music Moves Me. She began following me through that but it branched out to her following all my blogs. She has over the year become simply a good friend whom I appreciate on many levels.
If you want to find giveaways, music, photos or are on a health journey then this is your gal. You won't be amiss following her!
Thanks Dolly for your friendship. You are a keeper! :)

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. sniff-sniff ~~~ you're such a goober-head! hehehehe Whatcha doin? You one silly girl, but thanks Girlfriend, and I'm awfully glad I metcha! You & hubby can truly be a riot sometimes, and besides that... wait for it.... wait for it.... YOU GUYS ROCK! Have a great weekend, and thanks much!!!! WHAT NO TOP BILLING???? SHEESH! Now I know where I stand! LOL

  2. Aw, my CM is featured! Thank you so much for featuring her this lovely Friday :)

    I'll have to stop by both blogs and congratulate them!


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