Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Mind Wonders...part 1

1. Did you ever wonder why in all the Disney Classic movies, why the women were always going around singing to the animals?
2. Did you ever wonder why when it rains we tend to run for cover but if there is a sprinkler out on the lawn we want to run through it?
3. Did you ever wonder why we pass around "gifts" on Facebook, when all we really are getting is a picture for like 2 seconds?
4. Did you ever wonder why the sky is blue?
5. Did you ever wonder why it takes us 2-4 hours to cook dinner and 20 minutes to eat it?
6. Did you ever wonder why blonds really have more fun?
7. Did you ever wonder why animals turn around three times before sitting down?
8. Did you ever wonder why in those fancy restaurants it cost $40 for a small plate of salad but at a smaller, less well known restaurant, that it comes with your meal...that cost $10 for the whole meal?
9. Did you ever wonder why we drive our cars down one block to get ice cream?
10. Did you ever wonder who thinks up things like this?

PS>In case you are wondering, yes, I did come up with all these. ;)

Peace~Naila Moon

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 Thoughts Tuesday...on Wed.

1. Hello my friend and fellow followers. I reserved my thoughts until today (Wed.)  I will explain as I go along here. I can say this, I am glad I did because there are a lot of happenings today.

2. The main reason I waited until today to grace you with my thoughts *grins* is because today is the last day for my aunt to have chemo. It is a celebration for her today and as many of you have been following my thoughts about her, I wanted to share the celebration with you too!  If you have not seen the video Tamirisc and I made, check it out below.

3. I also thought you would like to see a photo taken of her ringing that bell. (Note this is not my photo since I could not be there.)

4. Sooooo for other things happening...summer college from hell continued on in to this week.  I don't know if I told you or not but the paper I had written for Baseball History was not accepted by the professor.  He told me that I had to revamp it and the kicker being that it had to be in by tomorrow because grades are due. Could I send it via e-mail? Oh nooooooo! It had to be sent to his house (again) and of course this time I had to overnight it. That meant more money out of my pocket! Gah!!!!  All this for an elective credit.

5. Rush starts next Monday which means all the new freshmen and their parents will be hitting the book store, not to mention all the returning students. (Did I tell you our store serves 3 colleges?)
That is not too bad really because I like staying busy.  What is kinda bad this go around is it seems they have hired some complete morons to work with those of us that have been here for a while.  I will be amazed if they make it through the first day of rush, more/less 2 weeks of it.

6. Today I found a couple of web sites which excited me. These web sites were for those of us that actually like getting good mail and not all the junk that floods our mailboxes. I do include bills in with the junk. (hee hee)  What is exciting to me too is getting to use my new pens and meeting new people! Here are the sites if you want to join in.  Oh My Darling Pen Pals  World Post Pen Pals

7. As if that was not cool enough, I then came across a gal who was having a prize give-a-way. Of all the things she was giving away it happened to be postcards!!! Here is her link:  NYT Post card give away
I am adding her button too.
Not Your Average Teen

8.Lately, here at Condo Lane we have been having some amazing skies here in the evening.  I wanted to share this one with you as it looked like the sky was on fire.  This was from last night.

See what I mean?  I am looking out tonight and it is gorgeous tonight too.

9. Good grief, I just forgot what I was going to write for my thought #9! Oh well, on to #10!

10. Tamirisc and I are considering a new "baby" for the family. She should be arriving in about a week or so. Stay tuned because we are sure to post some pictures of her.  We are "adopting" her from the neighbor below us who is leaving and wants her to live with nice people. ;)

Until next time...peace,
Naila Moon

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet Me Monday-August 9, 2010

Hello there and welcome back to meet me Monday. As always it is hosted by the lovely Java from Never Growing Old. You can visit her here---> Never Growing Old Link 
If you want to join in link up below and post away. Let's get to know each other!  

href=""><img border="0" src="" />

1. Do you watch any Soap Operas?
I used to watch Days of Our Lives back when I was in high school and early college. It was kind of a family soap to watch. Now I could care less.

2. What appliance is used the most in your house?
That would have to be the microwave, stove and coffee pot. I cook practically every night so my stove gets used a lot. As my hubby likes his morning coffee he uses that most. The microwave we use for everything!
(If only my appliances actually looked like these!)

3. Do you wear make-up every day?
Actually no. I used to up until I married my hubby that is. I on occasion wear lip stick (much to the horror of my Grandmother who thought you should ALWAYS wear lip stick). I also get my toes painted but other than that I am all natural.

4. What is your worst pet-peeve? 
I am not sure I even have a pet peeve. I hate the cat litter box. Does that count? 

5. What is your favorite lunch meat?
I really like deli bologna. In my home town they sold it with garlic in it. Oh yummy and with Swiss cheese on it the best!

Until next time...peace,
Naila Moon 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I got blamed!

My lovely daughter pictured above, recently and publicly blamed me for an addiction she has. (Mothers tend to get blamed for everything you know.) So, what is it you ask? Well, she has an addiction to school supplies! Yes, you heard me right, school supplies. I suppose this time she was right to blame me.

You see, every year at this time the stores come out with all the wonderful new colors, gadgets and things for school. It is like the mecca of school loveliness for her and I. We are drawn to them in a craving like no other.

The truth of the matter is both of us could blame my Mother. Yep, we could.  Back in the days of my elementary schooling, my mom took my brothers and I school shopping before the beginning of each school year. She would make it so exciting for us as we got new school clothes, new notebooks, new backpack, pencils, glue and whatever we needed. It was enjoyable to see what new thing had come out for the new year.
Of course this excitement for school carried over in to my adulthood and I took my daughter and son on this great adventure of school supply shopping too...thus her addiction. *win, wink*
My daughter's most love? Brand new boxes of crayons!

I can't be for sure but I think she likes the feel of them and of course the color is always an attraction. Oh and on occasion they have a new color or maybe a new smell to them.  Whatever it is, I know she likes them!
Of course you do know that coloring is therapeutic as well. No? Well, then try it, you will find out it is!

For me, I love to get new pens. I get excited about how they write, how they feel in my hand and even the color. I particularly like purple and black ink!  I also love to get a new notebook. Believe it or not, I just like the cheap ones...the cheaper the better. Oh and these back to school sales, I can get them for 15 cents...I am in heaven!

Now that I am in college, not that I needed an excuse, but I can buy to my hearts content. In just a few year I will be able to go with my grand-daughter and take her school supply shopping too. Oh, won't that be fun!!!! So, if you are looking for me or for that matter my daughter, check out the school aisle in your favorite store because chances are, that is where we will be!

Peace...Naila Moon

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Thoughts Tuesday...the late evening addition

1. I missed my 10 thoughts last week due to being on vacation. Did you miss me? Yeah, I thought not. sigh...
2. In the last 3 weeks I have had two friends of my family die.
3. I guess it is my age but it is really tough to see old family friends and people I grew up with leave this life.  I know dying is apart of life but sometimes it really is hard to swallow.
4. For other things, an update on my aunt. She is finishing her chemo (finally) on August 11th. I am really glad to report that but still after all this time, she is scheduled to have a double mastectomy in the first part of September. It seems that it was a little nuts for her to have gone through all that and still have this end result. Please continue to keep her in prayer or thought.
5. Just so you know. I think, by the way, she is amazing. In all of this, she has not once complained...really, not once...and she has such a humor about her that it inspires me.  Here is a photo of her:

6. Speaking of people I admire, I will also mention my uncle. He has been amazing through this whole process for her and 100% supportive even when I know it scares him like crazy. Check out his shirt he wears to support her:

 If you can't read his shirt it says..."I wear pink for my wife"

7. Moving on...I am finally done with this summer's semester of college.  I am here to tell you right now, I do not plan to do that again. I may change my mind come next summer but right now, no way!  The classes were not so bad but the professors...well.....

8. I am kinda missing home again, the kids, the family, friends. I have not seen any of them since February. I hate feeling so seperated from them.
9. At different times in this last few months, different family or friends were supposed to come out this way but have had change of plans.
10. Well, I think it is raining now. It sounds so sweet. I do love the rain. There is something romantic about it. Kinda makes me want to snuggle up by a fire with my sweetie...that is, if I had a fireplace.
side note: the hubby just came in and said it is not raining. sigh...I must be hearing things or wishful thinking.
Ok...well, that is all this brain has for this week. Take care.

Peace...Naila Moon

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Me Monday-August 2, 2010

Well, it is that day of the week were we meet and learn about each other. Yep, it is Meet Me Monday! As always it is hosted by the lovely Java @Never Growing Old. Want to join? Click on the site, add your name and answer these few questions!

1. What is your favorite holiday?
Hands down, I love the Christmas holiday season. I do not think there is anything I do not like about it. For me, it has always been a time of renewal and a time to spend with family. I do have to say, as I have gotten older the time with family is even more precious to me, especially now that I do not live close to them.
This year will be our Grand-baby's 1st Christmas so that will be special and spoil her rotten. lol

                            ~Christmas 2009 with some of the family at my Grandma's nursing home~

2. What color clothing do you wear the most?

In truth, I wear a lot of red. It is often my power color. (If you notice in the photo above, I am wearing red)

Here too!

                                                          ~Playing with my friend's dog~

And again here too!

                                     ~Goofing off with one of my brothers (notice the red under shirt!)~

3. What is your heritage?
This is actually an interesting question.  I know on my Mother's side:
                                                                    ~I am Cherokee~
                                                                          ~I am Irish~
And a whole lot of mutt! LOL

On my Dad's side that is where it get's questionable. You see my Dad was adopted and had a closed adoption. What he did find out is that his parents were immigrants and were:


Other than that, he does not know much about his biological parents.  My Dad jokes we could have our whole family reunion in a phone booth for his side of the family.

4. What is your middle name?

5. What is your favorite cookie?
Oh, now that is a quite easy answer. I love my Mother's home made chocolate chip cookies!!! Oh, just thinking about that makes me crave them. Yummy!  I especially liked them right out of the oven when they are still hot.

Make sure you link up and meet some other fine folks!
Peace...Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf