Saturday, August 7, 2010

I got blamed!

My lovely daughter pictured above, recently and publicly blamed me for an addiction she has. (Mothers tend to get blamed for everything you know.) So, what is it you ask? Well, she has an addiction to school supplies! Yes, you heard me right, school supplies. I suppose this time she was right to blame me.

You see, every year at this time the stores come out with all the wonderful new colors, gadgets and things for school. It is like the mecca of school loveliness for her and I. We are drawn to them in a craving like no other.

The truth of the matter is both of us could blame my Mother. Yep, we could.  Back in the days of my elementary schooling, my mom took my brothers and I school shopping before the beginning of each school year. She would make it so exciting for us as we got new school clothes, new notebooks, new backpack, pencils, glue and whatever we needed. It was enjoyable to see what new thing had come out for the new year.
Of course this excitement for school carried over in to my adulthood and I took my daughter and son on this great adventure of school supply shopping too...thus her addiction. *win, wink*
My daughter's most love? Brand new boxes of crayons!

I can't be for sure but I think she likes the feel of them and of course the color is always an attraction. Oh and on occasion they have a new color or maybe a new smell to them.  Whatever it is, I know she likes them!
Of course you do know that coloring is therapeutic as well. No? Well, then try it, you will find out it is!

For me, I love to get new pens. I get excited about how they write, how they feel in my hand and even the color. I particularly like purple and black ink!  I also love to get a new notebook. Believe it or not, I just like the cheap ones...the cheaper the better. Oh and these back to school sales, I can get them for 15 cents...I am in heaven!

Now that I am in college, not that I needed an excuse, but I can buy to my hearts content. In just a few year I will be able to go with my grand-daughter and take her school supply shopping too. Oh, won't that be fun!!!! So, if you are looking for me or for that matter my daughter, check out the school aisle in your favorite store because chances are, that is where we will be!

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. There's nothing like the smell of a brand new pack of Crayola's...and I'm 55!! HA! HA! Cute post!!!

  2. Love my them every year when school supplies are out...

    Love your blog...

  3. I too love school supplies. One of the best things about returning to school is that I now have an "excuse" to peruse the school supplies when hubs and I got shopping! :-)

  4. NM, I can't believe it, every word that came from your mouth..huh...keyboard, fits me to a T. One exception, I am not in school..Lol. But, just give me a, what do you call it, newspaper print pad like a kindergartener uses, a fat pencil and I am happy. I love doodling on cheap paper, I need glue, crayons, markers, pencil sharpeners..ha.

    One of my girls gave me a big, big box of crayons for a gift several years ago. They knew I'd like that gift. That package of crayons is so pretty! It is all packaged up in a pretty tin. I believe Crayola was celebrating some kind of anniversary and put out that special set. It is too pretty to break the package and use. It is still unopened, sort of vintage by now..Haa.

    I can very well remember the delight of going shopping for my school supplies when I was in school. Still, like you, I shop that isle. You will never get over it..ha.

    Your daughter having that type addiction speaks well of her Mom.

    I enjoyed your post.



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