Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet Me Monday-August 9, 2010

Hello there and welcome back to meet me Monday. As always it is hosted by the lovely Java from Never Growing Old. You can visit her here---> Never Growing Old Link 
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1. Do you watch any Soap Operas?
I used to watch Days of Our Lives back when I was in high school and early college. It was kind of a family soap to watch. Now I could care less.

2. What appliance is used the most in your house?
That would have to be the microwave, stove and coffee pot. I cook practically every night so my stove gets used a lot. As my hubby likes his morning coffee he uses that most. The microwave we use for everything!
(If only my appliances actually looked like these!)

3. Do you wear make-up every day?
Actually no. I used to up until I married my hubby that is. I on occasion wear lip stick (much to the horror of my Grandmother who thought you should ALWAYS wear lip stick). I also get my toes painted but other than that I am all natural.

4. What is your worst pet-peeve? 
I am not sure I even have a pet peeve. I hate the cat litter box. Does that count? 

5. What is your favorite lunch meat?
I really like deli bologna. In my home town they sold it with garlic in it. Oh yummy and with Swiss cheese on it the best!

Until next time...peace,
Naila Moon 

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  1. Nice to meet you... I used to love soaps befoe I had to start working full time.


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