Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...the sorta Olympic Version...July 31st


1. Hello all. Have you been watching the games? No, not the Hunger Games...the Olympics!

image source

2. I think we all have favorites. Mine is synchronized swimming. Tell me yours.

3. Did you know I planned to enter the Olympics with this?

4. I thought about hosting an Olympic's event here in my fair town at our local Walmart. It could be called shopping cart races.

5.  Today besides watching on TV, I have been getting ready for the baby shower on Sunday.

6. Did I mention I was hosting it?  I am just glad we chose to have it at a restaurant. Less hassle.

7. I tried my hardest to make a diaper cake. After several failed attempts, it was finally made right with the help of a friend.

Not quite finished

8. Never, ever, EVER, attempt to make a diaper cake.

9. I was able to go with my daughter last week to her ultra-sound.  The baby was doing its own version of the Olympics and would not allow us to see the sex. Hmph...

10. Well, here I am at another quick 10 Thoughts. Stay cool because it is too dang hot out there!

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. I think your right... your ten thoughts go by fast!!! :)
    So my fee for photos is a huge hug :)
    Can you afford me ? LOL

    1. TOTALLY can afford that!
      Thanks my dear Sister!


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