Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Is Like A Rubix's Cube!

Hello everyone,
As you can see my blog (and the other 4 have now been returned). There was no explanation for the disappearance as there has been none for the reappearance. Anyway, I am quite happy about it.
So, have you ever played with a Rubix's cube? If you have, you know that just as it seems you are about to solve the puzzle, Wham!, it doesn't work the way you thought.

Well, life is like that and the hubby and I were certainly hit with an unexpected. This past weekend my husband was only a block from our condo when he was hit by a car as he was crossing the street.
The driver did stop and called 911 which is actually to our amazement.

My husband broke his foot in two places, several ribs, and his scapula. In addition, he has several cuts and bruises. He is not weight bearing and cannot be for 6 weeks!
I am most grateful that he was not hurt more or worse killed.

(Two days later, my son was in a car accident when he hit black ice. Two days after that he fell on the ice and re-injured the shoulder he hurt in the car accident.  My uncle also fell on the ice yet two more days later.)

The kicker was that we were preparing for my hubby to leave here, tomorrow, Feb. 5th and start a new job on Monday in Missouri. He had just landed this job and we were excited at being able to be close to family. (by the way, my son was to be his transportation)

Fortunately, the job was VERY understanding and has promised to still offer him the job but at a later date. He now has to report on April 4th. I will join him only a month later.

Until then, we have no income to speak of as his job here he had already quit as of Wed.  The good thing though, is we have not done our taxes yet and can hopefully live off of that until he can return to work.

Yep, life is like a Rubix's cube but if you are patient enough it can be solved.  How was your week?

Peace...Naila Moon



  1. Thanks for following.I'm now following back. Have a great weekend :)

  2. What a crazy week!! Surely your lucky has to change for the better,you've had much more than your share. I'm just glad that all injuries were not more serious.

    Hugs, I think you need them ;)


  3. Boy could you use a break!!! Well, when you move to MO, maybe we can be real friends, and not just bloggy friends. Where in MO are you heading? I'm in STL. New follower.

  4. Naila,
    Please go over and accept the award. I am visiting my favorite blogs and asking in person. i just do not like to single any one blog out because I would not want to forget, or leave someone out!
    Boy, what a week you have had.

  5. Oh my you poor thing. Your week sounds like my horrible summer. Just keep one foot moving in front of the other and find one thing to smile about each day.
    I will say prayers for your hubby and son and uncle and for you.
    I wish you a much better week :(

  6. Let me try this again. Keep your head up my thoughts and prayers are with you. Check out my blog Butterfly Flutter and if you look back in summer of 2008 you will see how we experience a resent year like yourself. Thanks for following my blog I just in return started following yours.

  7. Naila, yes Caz has the right idea on these snowy days....I want to be a cat in my next life. I am following you here.
    hugs n blessings

  8. Oh Naila, I am just stopping by to say hi and wow, what a week you are having. I pray for complete recovery for your son and husband. It is nice that the new job was so understanding.

  9. I hope everyone is on the mend at your house. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad your blog showed back up that did happen to me once with no explanation:)


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