Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy are missed!

Grandma and I at a Red Hat Meeting

Today would have been my Grandma's 90th birthday. It is hard to believe that she has been gone since April...two months, where has it gone already.

I miss her so much.  I would so love to plop a big ole cake in front of her and smother her with gifts.  Most of all give her chocolate and orange slices. Oh, but she loved these two things.  Even when she got way to old, she still wanted chocolate. There was some in the drawer beside her bed when she passed.

She loved birthdays and having fun.  The photo I have on my page to the right is on one of her birthdays. I gave her that silly crown she wore but she wore it proudly. She was the Queen Mum after all and presided at Red Hat meetings always.  I liked being in her court. 

Well, Grandma, Happy 90th birthday. I am thinking of you and miss you as all your family misses you too.

Peace...Naila Moon

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