Sunday, December 8, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me....12/9/13

We are back to Monday and it is once again time to hit the dance floor with the head Christmas Elf, Xmas Dolly and the helper elves. Colette, Cathy, Stacy and me! This month is all about Christmas/holiday music. If you want to do the usual freebie that is up to you but other wise, get out your holiday stuff and let's go!


This week our Spotlight Elf is Mike. Put on your elf hat, Mike and dance.

I want to start out here with a shout out and Happy Birthday to our gal Stacy. This one is for you!

Moving on into more holiday music. As it has been snowing like mad and as cold as cold could be. I thought this was appropriate for this week.

If you read my post yesterday, you will know this week in Advent is the week of peace. I found this music that says it all.

Well, my feet have been cold all day, in fact for two days and I know they need to warm up. I am sure many of us need to warm up. (Side note: check on your elderly neighbors. Also, if you see someone homeless out on the street, offer a blanket or urge to get somewhere warm.) While you are getting warm, you can toast your feet on this one and enjoy the music. (It repeats after 4 minutes).

Enjoy your week everyone.


  1. For real... that's right it is her birthday. Better put something up. Thanks for the reminder. I have so much on my mind. What a great Post today girlfriend. I love each and every pic... YOU ROCK!

  2. I like your choices I just love this time of year :-)

    Have a seasonaltastic week ;-0

  3. Yay for you putting up a song for Stacy. I forgot that her bday falls in December. I should have remembered seeing how my bday is on Saturday. lol Whew, you guys surely have been getting the snow. I tell you want, if all the rain we've been getting was that white stuff then we would have another storm of the century on our hands. And...the rain isn't over! It should push out by Wednesday morning. Maybe you can warm up your toesy on dance floor. Great to boogie with you on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!

  4. I had never heard any of these Christmas Songs. Have a wonderful week..keep your nose and your toes warm.

  5. cool tunes,thanks for shring them.

  6. Love your festive choices for today!

    I didn't know it was Stacy's birthday. I'm heading back there to wish her a great day. Thanks!

  7. I enjoyed your blog post Michelle.
    Thanks for sharing and rocking.

    I had no idea it was Stacy's Birthday! Thanks for the reminder :)

  8. I love Chris Tomlin's voice.
    And Lennon's song I could listen to forever.


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