Friday, December 6, 2013

Get Back To College With Campus Book Rentals

Are you going back to college soon or want to go to college? Then you must know that one major expense is text books. I should know, I used to work in a college campus bookstore!

I can also tell you that a way to save on that expense is by renting books. One of the places that I know of to rent from is Campus Book Rentals.

Some of the perks from renting from them are:
*Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
*Free shipping both ways
*Can highlight in the textbooks
*Flexible renting periods
*Donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

Get this! They also have a brand new initiative called RentBack.
RentBack allows students to rent textbooks they own to other students. This is pretty cool because students then get 2-4x more money for their books than they would have through buyback options from selling at the end of semesters. Win!

Finally, I want to tell you about their donations to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international effort to help children who have been born with cleft palates. Every three minutes a child is born with this problem. Operation Smile gives these children life-saving surgery to help correct this issue.

Every time you rent a book from Campus Book Rentals they donate a portion to Operation Smile. Now to me, that is something that makes me want to smile.
For more about Operation Smile  you can visit their website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to college!

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  1. More people and young adults should really know about this program. Talk about saving money. The kids that work through college and eat that 25 cent soup every day just to sustain etc. I feel sorry for these young adults that are really fighting for their education. This company really needs to get around. Love what you've shared my friend. I'm going to share this one on all my social networks for you! Thanks for helping to get the word out. We really need some smarter people in the world to say the least. They can start in Washington first. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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