Friday, November 29, 2013


Growing up in my parent's household, Mom would always make great use of whatever leftovers we had from Thanksgiving dinner the night before. It was not unusual to wake up to her making us potato latkes or as she called them potato pancakes.

She did not make them traditional as the recipe I am going to include below, but they were still yummy! She usually took the leftover mashed potatoes and smashed some on to an electric griddle with a bit of oil. She would fry them up just so and flip, the other side got the same. We always ate them just with some butter.
Really, they were so good!

What are some of your food traditions?

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  1. Oh my goodness I loved when my mom made potato pancakes and I should make them more often myself, but she use to say they were so much work, but they were so good and dad loved them too, but only thing is she made them from a box. Oh well, they were still good. Thanks for sharing your recipe! :) Have a great weekend. We're having our turkey at 3:30 and prior today (it's pretty nice out) so Dave said lights on the house today WOO HOO!!!! That means we're almost done with the decorating I can't wait that means I get to concentrate on presents and wrapping. :)

  2. my son just brought home a recipe for potato latkes. I was surprised that he was excited to make them. Don't know how well they will go with grandmas shortbread cookies, but I am game to try! :)


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