Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review of Jake and the Neverland Treasure Hunt Game

Recently, the company Wonder Forge, gave me the opportunity to review the cute game of Jake and the Neverland Treasure Hunt Game.  I love games for all ages and though it would be fun to try out.

This particular game says it is for 4 year olds and up. With the smaller pieces that are in the game, I think that is a good recommendation. It is also for two players up to four. This would be good for teaching sharing.

Game play:

The game comes with 5 "treasures" that are supposed to be put around the house. The game then is played like a simple memory game. Each player gets an opportunity to turn over two doubloons. With some of the doubloons you have to use the spy glass to figure out what the item is.

If a player matches two items, then he/she turns over the timer and runs to find the "treasure", except the player can only pick up the "treasure" with the soft sword included in the game.


As cute as this game is, I had a couple of problems with it.
The doubloons that you have to look at through the spyglass does not work. We tried bright light and dimmer light and we simply could not see the items. This would be extremely frustrating for any kid.
I suppose you could just make a regular match/memory game and that would solve the problem.

My other issue I had is all the parts. Although, the game comes with an awesome storage bag that doubles as play board, inevitably all the parts are sure to be lost. All that would be left is the soft sword and the spy glass. I guess kids could just have fun pretending with them.


Overall, I would like this game if it was revamped a bit. As a former preschool educator and grandparent to young children. I found this game to be frustrating due to its problems which unfortunately, outweighed its cuteness. However, I would still probably give it a 3 out of 5 stars just because it could be adapted and kids would enjoy all the "pirate" stuff.

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  1. First of all, Hubby needs to put a smile on I mean sheesh! I wouldn't want him modeling for me with that mug! bwahahaha sorry their kiddo just teasing ya! I mean even a pirate snarl would've been better! lol Second of all, bully for you being totally honest, but did you contact the company to see if something was missing or maybe a default somewhere? That would be my guess, but come on let's be real if you bought a toy that cost $100 kids would play with the box it came in! LMAO Thanks for sharing! Good job

  2. My 4 year old is Jake crazy!! I bet she would love it. But yes....I give it a month or two before the pieces are lost, the gold pieces are probably stuffed into the Tiki hideout she already owns, and the soft sword confiscated for hitting her siblings on the head! LOL

    still looks like fun though. They all LOVE doing treasure hunts. I spent my beach time during the summer burying stuff in the sand for them to dig up - thanks Jake! :)

  3. I think my youngest would love this game! The pieces would get lost, but he would love it while it lasted!


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