Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday 11/21/13

Welcome back to another Thankful Thursday. This is the day I post what I am most grateful for or have been for the week.  Please join me if you wish. I love new friends and old too.

This week my hubby and I went out shopping a couple of times. He took me to a place we had never been too. He enjoys taking me on little excursions now and again.

In addition this week, he brought home a brand new Christmas tree and a little Snoopy window cling for me. I know these are things but the joy it brought me is unmeasurable.

So, this week, I am just so grateful for my hubby being in my life and for the little things that bring me joy.

What about you? Tell me in comments and I will come visit.


  1. Well, I'm surprised I tweeted this a couple of times this week for you. Well I'm thankful because Marshall reminded everyone on FB about the twitter party tonight re: Delivery Man movie & I went there for the heck of it a couple minutes before the party was to start and guess what WOO HOO I WON THE PRE-PARTY PRIZE I'll be dang! It was a $25 Taskman GC (whatever that is & a Poster of delivery man. hoop-de-doo!!!

    1. Awesome! WHoo hoo........
      Thanks for tweeting for me too.

  2. By the way Congrats on the new tree and the sweet hubby! You better share a photo of both! Woo Hoo!


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