Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coffee Chat...Let's talk! 11/26/13

I am back for another Tuesdays Coffee Chat with Rory from Time Out For Mom. 
Last week she asked us to get crafty and discuss. Well, I said I would be back to discuss but never got back.
Never fail though, I have a goody for that one just check it out below but before that let's discuss today's topic. Shall we?

What one thing would you refuse to share?

Now, this is a tough one for me because I tend to share whatever I have. I have shared clothes, spirituality, my thoughts, my home, bed, my cold, money, the bathroom, my car, food (even off my plate) and gum.
I know eww...but, I did.

By nature, I am a sharer.

I guess the only thing I really would prefer not to share is my toothbrush. Yeah, I think that is kinda gross. However, if you really want to use my toothbrush go ahead but I am going to go get a new one!

On to craftiness. How about a visual?

Hope you come back on Wednesday for Wordless(ish) but if not, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Definitely no toothbrush sharing, unless it's with the hubs. I don't have a problem with that. lol I hope you guys have a lovely Thanksgiving with family & friends!

  2. Ok, first -- love the picture edits you are using for Coffee Chat!! Awesome. Clearly you love sharing your creative talent too! :)

    second, I will not share my toothbrush either. And I do have a little thing about people grabbing food off my plate. I will share whatever is in fridge/cupboard --- but get your own plate! LOL
    and I love that craft! great idea.
    I had done the tinted mason jars one from Pinterest. You use Mod Podge and food colouring and it is Very Very Messy!! However, if you nail it: they do look very awesome. perhaps I should do a blog post about that soon.

  3. Wait now I gotta answer this question. What one thing would I refuse to share! MY HUSBAND! :)


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