Saturday, November 9, 2013

Whoa Nelly! What would you have done?

I was a little disturbed yesterday when I received a bang on my door. I have to back up a little bit and tell you that prior to this I had heard a commotion on the floor above us and then on our floor. For me to have heard it, you know it was loud.
I actually went to my door to see what was going on. I opened the door to find a group of very young girls sans any adult with them knocking on every apartment door. As soon as I opened my door three little girls were vying to shove a piece of paper at me. It turns out they were trying to sell stuff from school.

What disturbed me about the whole thing was not the fact they were trying to sell stuff but that there was no adult with them...not one! They were going to strangers doors. It could have been some freak-a-zoid answer the door and drug them into anyone of the apartments. This was bad enough!

What made it even worse is not one of the girls even mentioned what school they were from or what they were trying to do. They simply were fussing with each other to grab my attention or make the sale.

I can tell you that I politely declined but was disturbed by the scene none-the-less.

What would you have done?
~Naila Moon


  1. I agree with you! These days the schools advise parents to allow their kids to sell to only family and people they know. Schools don't want to be responsible for kidnappings - they finally got smart! For myself, I generously buy from my grandkids and from kids I know. I think most adults do, so why even send kids out looking for trouble?

  2. Pending on the time of day too because especially if it was late I would've called the Police, and tell them about it. Unsupervised, going from door to door, and if they were that disorganized I'm sure they weren't being aware of their surroundings. That's just too sad.

  3. What gets me is why don't the parents care? Usually when I see kids selling stuff for their schools, I see either mom or dad hovering near.

  4. We refrain from these types of door to door sales that my childrens school promotes from time to time. For precisely this reason: I am not sending my children out - alone or even with them - to go begging from our neighbours. During this time of year our doorbell is practically non stop due to all the people coming around looking for a donation to something.
    I am a caring and giving person; if I am have money to give and want to support your cause - I will find you!! You don't need to come hollering during the dinner hour. Or on my relaxing Saturday.


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