Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless(ish) Wednesday...11/27/13

Today for Wordless(ish) Wednesday, I am going to share something with you that was huge for me. It may seem impossible for some but in actuality, it is quite true.
I give you the FIRST time I ever cooked a Thanksgiving turkey and meal was in 2008.

The funny thing about this is we accidently left the giblets and neck in the turkey and cooked it that way. LOL!!!

Song for Thanksgiving-sung to Frère Jacques

Turkey Dinner
Turkey Dinner, turkey dinner,

Gather round, gather round,
Who will get the drumstick?
Yummy, yummy drumstick,
All sit down, all sit down.

Cornbread muffins, chestnut stuffing,
Puddin' pie, one foot high,
All of us were thinner
Until we came to dinner;
Me oh my! Me oh my!


  1. That's my girl! Now why doesn't that surprise me. bwahahahahahaha It's okay I'm sure we've all done that once or twice. Hey I use to have the link for the falling leaves - how about emailing that to me I want to do snowflakes :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO you & hubby So pumpkin pie at my house or yours! SAVE ME A LEG!!! :)

  2. I am pretty sure I did that too the first time. LOL
    It still looks delicious!

    Have a happy thanksgiving!

  3. Oh, that is just too cute! We are going to be having our turkey dinner on Friday because that is when company will be here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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