Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday's Music...Freebie week 11/11/13

Hey all! Welcome back to Monday and Mondays Music. Of course this musical love fest is hosted by none other that Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Callie, Cathy, Stacy and Yours Truly!

Today also happens to be Veteran's Day so, before I go any further, I wish all those veterans in my life a happy day to you and to all others thank you for your service. Represent!

Spotlight Dancers

Today' Spotlight Dancer is: Incognitus Scriptor.  Congratulations! Strut your stuff on the dance floor!

To start things off right I am paying tribute to our Vets with this song.
Thank you especially to my brothers, Jason, Marcus and Aaron. I love you three!

Warning it will get you moving!

So, following along the moving theme.

This next song speaks to me. It reminds me of me in some ways. In 2008, I packed up and moved out West. I left much behind but needed to make a new life for myself. It was tough to do but it was good for me in so many ways. I moved on....

Now, after that. It is time to get down and boogie. Let's move it people!

Lastly, if you are not up and moving by now, this will do it.  Conga!

Make sure to link up your music only and we will be by to visit.


  1. well you're really getting the hang of this aren't you? Lovin' all your choices & themes. I almost forgot that it's Veterans Day today! Thanks for the reminder! YOU'RE ROCKIN THE HOUSE THEIR LADY! GOOD JOB!

  2. Nice choices, whatever happened to Gloria Estefan don't hear much of her over here these days ;-)

    Have a tastic week ahead ;-)

  3. Warrior Song & Gloria Estefan really did make me get to my feet. The first song is a new to me, but loved that you introduced it to me. Great to be on the dance floor with you this Monday.

    I Think I'm Going Out of My Head because I'm Crazy

  4. Totally Moving Songs! Happy Monday!

  5. Fun picks with move it cartoon and conga line. I love our veterans. Not only do they protect our country, they give me a day off work.

  6. I have to sit down after all that dancing - Happy MM to you Naila x

  7. good song choices and the featherless turkey is so cute!

  8. These are great songs you chose! And that dancing turkey? He's adorable! Have a great week, :-Danielle

  9. I enjoyed all your music!
    Funny turkey too :)

    Happy Monday!

  10. Oh my kids go nuts when they hear that I like to Move it song......and boy do they get moving!!
    I am definitely more a conga kinda gal. :)


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