Friday, November 22, 2013

Stuff on Friday 11/22/13

It's Friday and here in my neck of the world we have the white stuff! Yep, it snowed the other day but it is simply a prequel to what usually comes. Watch out!

Stuff-ing: The other day I came across how to make a turkey in 15 easy steps. Now, I know some of us are not the world's greatest chefs so, this should help.

Birthday stuff: This lady right here is celebrating her 74th birthday today. Isn't she pretty?
What, you don't know her? Well, that is my Mother! Happy Birthday Mom!

Final stuff: Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy whatever it is you are doing.
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  1. Haha - best recipe ever! I think my mom and I used that recipe this year. LOL
    And a very happy birthday to your mom!

  2. LOVE THE RECIPE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! WOO HOO I'm making my Aunt's poster for Sunday's surprise 90th birthday for Aunt Mitzi... woo hoo!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mother. I'm the new kid on the blog. Hope you'll stop by and check me out. Love your fallen leaves & your recipe.


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