Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me..."Colours" 11/4/13

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Monday. This month for me is all about thanksgiving and being grateful. You will no doubt see some changes as thing progress and I hope you delight in them.

Having said that, it is time for Monday's Music Moves Me hosted by none other than Xmas Dolly and co-hosts, Stacy, Callie, Cathy and me!

Our Spotlight Dancer is none other than my hubby, Tamirisc from Chronicles from the Man Cave. Swing me around the dance floor honey! LOL

Spotlight Dancers
Today we have the theme of songs with "Colors (or is it Colours)" in the title. Since that leaves it wide open for interpretation for you and me, let's get on the dance floor and have some fun.

First up:

Next: New singer to me.

Going with this one: Just for fun!

Finally: Another new one to me.

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~Naila Moon


  1. Totally Luvin' Phil Collins, and your colors with the Crayons was intelligently put together. The only one I knew was the first. Great job in finding the colors. Have a great day & don't forget to follow! Hugs ... luvin' the new look!

  2. I always liked Phil Collins he has got a brilliant voice similar tone to Frankie Valli's

    Have a tanfastic week ahead ;-)

  3. Phil Collins always rocks in! All of your other theme picks are new to me, but fun to be introduced to all the same. Have a colorful week.

  4. Naila, I love your falling leaves! These were such great songs for this weeks theme. Crayon Colors was so cute! Have a great week!

  5. Oh you sneaky!! haha - you actually found songs with the word "colour" in the title -- genius! love True Colors...and the crayon one was awesome. Like Emma's voice - she's one to watch I think.

  6. I love that Phil song.
    Thanks for sharing the tunes honey.

    I've been sick with the flu, but I'm feeling much better now and here to visit from the music hop.

    Hope your weekend is going great.

    Aloha :)


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