Thursday, November 7, 2013

#Thankful Thursday...11.7.13

Usually this time of year I do a daily thankfulness day. This year, I decided not to do.


Well, I could say something clever like I am thankful every day and do not need to do so just in November.
Which is kind of true but it would also make me look like a complete schmuck.

Truth is, I just plain did not want to. I really have no reason why or why not.

However, as today is my usual post for Thankful Thursday, I do have something to say about that.

You see this guy here?

This is my beloved Tamirisc from Chronicles from the Man Cave. We have almost completed 5 years of marriage this year come December.

I am grateful for his music loving, sci-fi, Doctor Who, Star Trek, cat loving, TV junky, crazy self. He makes me happy.

He does laundry. He cleans.
He loves me sometimes even when he is not sure how.

I am lucky. I know. Most importantly, I love him and he loves me.

I am so, so grateful for that.


  1. Yes, you are lucky and blessed! Be thankful, very thankful!!!! Happy Thursday to you.

  2. My wife won't let me touch the laundry. But I do all the cooking.

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