Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wordless (ish) Wednesday...Now, I know it's cold!

There is no doubt in my mind that it is cold outside if these guys have arrived.
FYI-I enhanced the photo a bit in Pickmonkey to make it look colder than it actually was.

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  1. Temperature wise things have warmed up just a bit here in the south. We are expected to get a few chilly nights starting Thursday, but I'm not complaining....yet. :) Come join me at my new spot for WW at Curious as a CAThy!

  2. Whoa is it that cold there? All we have is rain, rain, and more rain & it figures because today I have to go out to the docs and grocery shopping. Sheesh! Figures and I hate driving in the rain.

  3. I think all you need to do to keep those penguins under control is to make sure that no one leaves the refrigerator door open too long. (Saw this one on a Bill Cosby show).

  4. We are sitting at 12 degrees C today (that's about 53 F) - so, it is a warm spell for us!! Haha
    the wild turkey have been spotted - that's usually our sign. ha

  5. It has definitely gotten quite cooler here as well. The past couple of days have been quite cold, rainy, and dreary o.O

    Hopefully this Winter goes by fast!!


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