Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wordless(ish) Wednesday 11/13/13

As with all fur babies around the world, they think they own every square inch of the homes they occupy. Our fur baby, Amelia, decided that this was her notebook and only her kitty paws could be written in it. Right before this she had also claimed my laptop. You can see that she was guarding Tamirisc's laptop and getting ready to claim it too.

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~Naila Moon



  1. I didn't know you had a new kitty! She's too cute! I love kitties, but only when they're someone else's. Sorry I am a dog lady. We always had dogs. My very first dog that I can remember was a cocker spaniel (red) we called Rusty! hehehe How did Amelia get her name?

    1. She was named by my cousins daughter. We have since added the name Earhart...thus she is Amelia Earhart because she flies through the air when she leaps. :)

  2. Amelia is precious! Maybe she is waiting for you to bring the computer's mouse! She'll take care of that for you!

  3. I love her colouring - it's gorgeous. what a pretty kitty.
    even if she is a bit territorial. LOL

  4. How old is she? She looks so young and cuddly!


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