Monday, November 4, 2013

Peace Blogger...Dona Nobis Pacem 11.4.13

Today several hundred bloggers across the world have gathered together for one common thought and that is the idea of peace. As you can see, I join them today.

As I write, there are wars going on all over the world.  I am not just talking about the wars we hear about on the news either but, the ones right in our own city, neighborhood and yes, our own home. Did you ever think about that?

I have spoken before about my hope for a peace-filled world. It is not as lofty a dream as sometimes it seems. Sometimes all it means is letting go of your own pride and work together. YES, work together!

Think about this. We are now in the season of giving. How many of us give to our fellow human being out of the kindness of our own heart or even out of obligation? We are coming together to work for the common good. There is no color, religion or sexual orientation involved, it is just working together!

My thought is, if we can  do something as simple as that, why not a  bigger goal? Why not peace?

Start in your heart and work outward. Think about it today, everyday. Live it. Do it.
I will.

~Naila Moon


  1. Sometimes that's a little hard to do, but yes I agree with you whole heartedly! Wonderful Post!

  2. A most worthy cause for sure.
    one of my favourite quotes is from Ghandi:
    "You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."
    To achieve World Peace, so many of us must first let go of our anger.


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