Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dancing and David Bowe #atozchallenge

Dancing is the one thing in the world that we all do that we need no common language for. It is just understood. Have you ever wondered why we like to dance?

I find it freeing and somewhat spiritual in nature. It is movement without necessarily having to be any particular step. Dancing does not even have to be purposeful with the exception of enjoying it.

A couple of years ago, I took part in the "Rise Up" campaign that took place on the same day, Valentine's Day, all of the world. The idea was to dance to show the world that it is the one thing you can truly be free in no matter what part of the world or background you come from. More importantly, it put a spotlight on the atrocities forced upon women all over the world.

Some people found it silly but again, the purpose, in this case, was that there was no barrier in the commonality of dancing. No language was needed but the point was made in the streets, in homes, in the parks...everywhere there was dance!

Here is a video of the event here in Denver that I took.

So for music today, I want to continue the dancing but this time with David Bowie. Enjoy and dance like no one is watching! 


  1. I love that you recorded this! This is so joyful! I think I see you on the right side of the screen! I love to dance but haven't danced in awhile. I think I'll do so this no one is watching!

  2. Dancing is the best D of all. I wish I still could. I could probably get one or two steps in, but then I'm finished. :( I use to love to dance. That's all I lived for, but due to my back it's no longer in my future. :( Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. What fun! Watching your video made me want to participate in such an event! Thanks for sharing the dance craze fun!

  4. really, is there anything that feels as good as dancing? I don't think so.
    it's so freeing.
    would love to do something like that. :)


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