Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Late/Leaves/Lovely/ Loretta Lynn #atozchallenge

So, I am zooming in here really late in the  evening to post but I am officially still here on Tuesday. Whoo hoo!

We were out and about today on an Earth Day walk gathering dandelions, twigs, and leaves. After we got home, it was nap time for one and art-ing for another. My granddaughter and I took the leaves, rock, twigs and things and made beautiful collages with them all in a recycled soda bottle.

It was a lovely day!

Now for the music:
Being out in the fresh air and woods...aka "the country" just makes you want to sing. Loretta Lynn sings about the country oh so well.

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  1. I'm late in the evening many days in this challenge. Lol. I absolutely LOVE Loretta Lynn. I've seen her in person once years ago. Would love to see some on your envelopes!


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