Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Flights/friendly/Flight Attendants/Funny/Flight bags #atozchallenge

Recently, I took a flight on Southwest Airlines. Now, I have nothing against other airlines and I have flown a few others but I just really like Southwest. Besides the fact their flights are cheaper than other airlines, they have some of the friendliest staff ever. They seriously go above and beyond.

In addition, they have friendly flight attendants and often as funny as can be. I found this list of quotes to be a hoot!

Have you ever wondered what the flight attendants carry in their flight bags? I have too. I actually found a flight attendant who let the secrets out of the bags. Go HERE to read about it.

So for the music today I am playing for you some favorites!


Frankie Goes To Hollywood:

Fleetwood Mac:


  1. I was one of those "road warriors" for years, the kind that was on an airplane Sunday night and on another Friday night practically every week. Most of the flight attendants were cool and professional, but occasionally you get a real joker, and they are the best thing about flying. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, and a lot of neighbors work for Delta in some capacity, so occasionally I would run into them at the store or at church after I had been on a flight with them. They're very nice people.

    John Holton
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  2. Good one girlfriend. You made me remember the time we saw Foreigner live. It was sooooo much fun. Woo Hoo I was on an airplane I think it was Southwest and they were just too too funny they had their speech all memorized and had us in stitches.


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