Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Pink/Portian/Precious/Postings/Pink Floyd #atozchallenge

I am sliding in her just in time to post  for the letter "P". I am not particularly fond of posting so late but better late than not at all. 

Today I was out and about with my family which includes, of course, my precious grand-kids. They are fun to be around. Both of them got Build-A-Bear animals. One a brown bear and the other Hello Kitty.

The grand-daughter was decked out in her favorite color pink and received accessories of a pink bow and pink sunglasses. Even her Hello Kitty (named Portia) got a pink-ish outfit and slippers. I was not kidding when I say she was all in pink.

So music today of course has to be the pinkest of pinks today, Pink Floyd!


  1. Keeping your Priorities (your grandkids) in row is the most imPortant thing. Perfect artist for the letter "P" ~ Pink Floyd!

  2. Well, so far I got every one of your letters. Pink Floyd the first song I learned to play on the acoustic. It was pretty hard on me considering I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I did the part in the background and Dave did lead. Pretty cool huh? I probably forgot by now I haven't done it in so long. Your granddaughter is just too too cute! Hello Kitty is my granddaughter's favorite too! Have fun my friend! I know you're in heaven right now. :) Good pick.

  3. I agree with Cathy - Priorities! especially when it comes to stuffing your own bear! my two girls recently did this at the resort we were at -- they had one in their gift shop and you could choose one of the resort's mascots to stuff. they were so cute.
    Love the Floyd!


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